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How would you like to win an After the Dark movie poster signed by Jonathan Davis?

All you have to do is tell us what would you would include in your survival pack if you knew a nuclear attack was coming and you were going to need supplies to survive?

After the Dark: What starts as an experiment, turns into a desperate fight for survival, when a group of twenty college students must determine which ten of them are worthy to take shelter underground and reboot the human race. Live or Die, Survive or Perish with the new thought-provoking film AFTER THE DARK – Rent it tonight with iTunes . Rated R.


Rules: Only one entry per person. You must comment below on this page to be entered. A winner will be selected at random from all entries. Contest entry period ends 11:59 pm EST 28 February 2014. Winner will be contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim their prize.

The fine print: *NOTE: Due to the astronomical cost of shipping to overseas locations, we can ONLY ship to overseas locations if the winner agrees to pay for any shipping costs beyond $10 US. By entering the contest you agree to pay for shipping costs over $10. Details on paying for the shipping will be worked out upon notification of winning. The only exception to this is shipping to APO/FPO addresses associated with military members. We are a non-profit fan site with no budget and just can’t afford to bear all the shipping costs.

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  1. First aid kit, water, utensils, waterproof matches, powdered milk, cereal, raisins, canned corn/Korn (lol), rope, girl scout jackknife (with manual can and bottle openers) couple changes of clothes, Korn pictures, portable CD player with batteries and rechargeable battery pack to save my sanity!

    • Good list…but how will you recharge those battery packs?  If the power grid is down, there is no power going to the outlets you plug in to.  Consider a generator!  Also fuel for the generator….or a way to get fuel.  What about protein?  Are you vegan?  

      • Crap!  I think I used the wrong term; not sure of it exactly now that I’m thinking about it, but it’s something one can use to recharge batteries and use for a while before you have to plug that instrument in to recharge for batteries.  Something in the vein of a backup recharger with enough life in it to keep me going so I can spin Korn for a long stretch.  I better remember too to bring some candles along as well, given I’ll have matches.  Regarding the meals, NOT vegan.  Just trying to travel lightly and am a REAL fussbudget in the food department, BUT I love me some sunflower and pumpkin seeds and those have protein.  Taking those too.  So there’s the addendum to the list and hopefully didn’t leave anything (too) important out!

        • You have the right name. :) But if the power grid is down, you won’t be able to recharge those packs as the plugs won’t supply power!

          There definitely isn’t enough protein in sunflower and pumpkin seeds to sustain you for long term. You might want to consider dried meats! Maybe jerky or dried sausages. Things that don’t require cooling are always preferred over items that require some sort of temperature control.

          Might I recommend Meals Ready to Eat! They have various types available at sporting goods stores throughout the world. They are full of fortified vitamins and minerals. You said you are a fussy eater and in a situation like this, you are susceptible to death if you run out of foods you are “willing” to eat. You’ll have to set aside your personal likes and dislikes to survive.

          • That’s true; I was in a bit of a hurry when I put this list together, but I do indeed like jerky.  Matter of fact I just had some Perky Jerky yesterday but it again wasn’t in the forefront of my mind.  This really requires you to think ahead and have a game plan, suffice it to say!  As for the fussbudget in me, a lot of it is that, but also part of it happens to be actual food allergies so let’s hope that, for example, those Meals Ready to Eat don’t have certain ingredients or warning labels showing they “may” have such.  But yes, true, to a certain degree beggars can’t be choosers and we do what we can to survive as well as we can!

  2. Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches, water, My I Pod,

    • Man I dunno if I could live on PBJ for that long!  What about power?  That iPod won’t last forever without a recharge!

  3. 1. Solar powered CD player and all my KORN albums…
    2. Water purification tablets or device…
    3. One all purpose 440-edged knife
    4. One large pot for cooking or boiling water
    5. A fuckton of coffee beans! 

    • LOL well you will be wide awake…for awhile. What about food? It’s quite possible that the animals could be contaminated so shouldn’t be eaten…same with the vegetation. There are quite a few really good water purification devices that are much better than tablets because the tablets do not remove contaminates, they only kill bacteria. In this instance, a device would remove radioactive particulates but a tablet would not. Boiling water also would not remove radioactive particulates. A reverse osmosis water purification unit would be the right device…but you’d have to make sure you have enough filters for each stage of the purification process to last for the proper length of time. That would depend on the amount of contamination being removed and the number of stages. I would recommend a 4 stage unit.

  4. 1. Food, and a lot of it!
    2. Batteries
    3. CD player
    4. Korn CDs of course!
    5. Gum
    6. Knives
    7. Lotion

    • Well…how much food do you think you’ll need? What about water? Have you thought about medical supplies?

  5. First aid kit
    Canned food
    Set of knifes
    Zippo lighter
    Lighter fluid
    Solar power charger for my cell phone which as all my favorite korn songs and videos on it
    Soap / shampoo (all hope to find a pond or lake)


    • How will you carry all of these things? Or will you have transportation? Or maybe you’ll have a place you will stay with all the items pre-staged? If pre-staged, how will you get there?

  6. Condoms, 12 gauge shot gun, sorbolene cream. 

  7. 1. Food
    2. Clothes for warm and cold weather (mostly stay in the South since it’s less cold than north)
    3. Knife
    4. Pictures of loved ones
    5. My dogs
    6.  Guitar
    7. Make stuff up as I go along . (Like fixing up my wounds with what is available.)

    • I suppose it would depend on what you plan on carrying…or do you plan on having a vehicle. If you have a vehicle…what a fuel?

      • mostly whatever fits in a backpack. And maybe a shopping cart and someone who knows more about surviving. :/

        • Ooohhh shopping cart is a great idea! It’s always a great idea to have another person with you that might have knowledge you both can use to survive. Good thinking! Good luck!

  8. A book called “How to survive a nuclear attack” with everything it asks for.

  9. Water! Powdered food – if I find some. Phone/tablet with recharging kit. Books! Desktop games :-) And my beloved cats amd their food and beds… They need to survive, too. And some plants. Or maybe a pencils/rubber/pencil sharpener with papers.
    And finally – some clothes and soap for cleaning and washing. and a toothpaste and brushes.
    I doubt I would fit myself there hah 😀

    • Few mistakes out there, sorry for that :-/

    • Powdered food…that sounds scary! There are a lot of very good, long shelf life foods out there. How will you recharge your recharging kit? Maybe a generator? And how will you power your generator? You will be very clean but you should also consider some medical supplies for sure!

      • I have a kit you push mechanically.. Sliw, I know, but sometimes needed :)
        Medical supplies.. I guess when something happens I’d be dead in a minute, but it’s a good idea, I’ll write it down, thanks :)

        • :) I’m an emergency manager…this is actually what I do for a living…so this movie, and giveaway, are right up my alley so to speak. 😉 Prevent, prepare, respond, recover, mitigate…these are my pillars…and why I’m providing the advice I’m providing.

          • You must be a great strategist! Would take any advice from you, because no matter how I try, I always feel as I forgot something.

          • :) This is what I do for a living. I do emergency preparedness as a job for the US Air Force.

          • Hope at the end of this you are gonna tell us what would you take :-)
            Btw sorry for the double nickname – I don’t know how this thing happened

          • :) If you’d like me to I can!

          • Of course – who could help us better? Let’s. Make this useful, it might help us one day.. 😉

  10. A how-to-guide on how to survive 
    A gas mask 
    and a speaker system with my korn albums!!

    • Well, a protective mask is a good start but will only protect your respiratory from particulate radiation which isn’t as prevalent in a nuclear attack as other types of radiation. For that, you’d need to implement the principles of time, distance, and shielding. Use what ever time you have to put as much distance from the target as you can and use the best and thickest shielding as you can. But once you implement these principles, what will you have with you to survive, aside from a speaker system and Korn albums? What will you play them on? What will you power them with? What will you drink? What will you eat? Medical supplies?

  11. I would pack my son. He is well versed in all of this stuff ( thank you Uncle Sam) he would bring all of the supplies.  If it were up to me, I would just bend over and kiss my sorry fat  *ss  goodbye

    • OOoo what is he well versed in? What did he do for Uncle Sam?

      • He use to be in the Army, fractured his legs, he has been out on medical discharge for several years already. He gained a lot of useful info while enlisted. I taught him to be a sharpshooter though 😉

        • Ahh he was medically discharged for a broken leg?  How bad was this break?

  12. 1) food 
    2) his girlfriend 
    3) notebook 
    4) all records of the root group 
    5) guitar 
    6) clothes 
    7) Weapon

    • I would also recommend water…or the ability to filter water if you are near a water source. What about power or something to play those records on? And only 1 notebook? What about something to write with?

  13. I’ll follow your lead Josie. Otherwise I will only need some lipstick to kiss my butt goodbye.

  14. I would bring a proper water filtration system (loaded in a shopping cart), food, matches, a pencil, a knife, an axe, a loaded gun, plenty of extra ammo, a sleeping bag, wool socks, cotton socks, good shoes, boots, a hat, a heavy coat, gauze, antibacterial ointment, needle, thread, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes or wet wipes (for an oh, so desperate “shower”), tp, a backpack, and an extra person to help carry, defend, and scavange for resources… if they haven’t all been destroyed by the nuclear attack.

    • I would also bring some seeds to plant as soon as I got far enough away from the site of the attack. 

  15. water, food, extra clothes, jacket, knife, gun and ammo, matches, first aid kit, map maybe? oh and a portable cd player with all my korn cds

  16. Win or loose, this looked like fun.  I think I may have gone overboard… 
    Providing I have safe shelter; Flour, rice, pillow, lots of blankets, beans, salt, solar powered raido, hand crank flashlight, blankets, duck tape, plastic tarps, beef jerky, powdered milk, a carptopn of MRE’s, sealed water in glass containers, idodine tablets, matches, candles, a gun and lots of ammo, various medications and first aid items, several changes of clothes, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, soap, towel (never forget your towel), bleach, gas mask, can opener, coffee and coffee pot (the camping kind) and a Swiss Army knife … I will stop there :p

  17. Ok well since I will be made of ash, here is what I would do. Husband and I have a moment..Ahem! Kiss and tell my my kids I love them, and will see them on the other side! Then get in my Mustang driving the shit outta it, cranking Korn, firing my S&W at all the stop lights!!!! Muah, ha ha ha! 

  18. If I win, I will sell the item and donate the money to a charity of the buyer’s choosing.

  19. Josie, could you tell us what you think would be the best to take?
    So I can pack it up together 😉

  20. First off, lets talk about what it takes to protect yourself in a nuclear attack!  There are principles we use:

    • Time
    • Distance
    • Shielding

    Time: Believe it or not, if there were a nuclear attack, there might not be a need to shelter for “years” as the movies lead you to believe.  From the time of the initial detonation, there is a rule that is put into place because all associated with a nuclear detonation decays at a very specific rate which we know!  It’s called the 7-10 rule.  For every 7 fold increase in time, the radiation decreases 10%.  With that in mind, typically, it is safe enough for trips out of a hardened shelter in about 2 weeks.  Radiation detection devices aid in ensuring that the levels are low enough to not cause acute radiation poisoning and you can measure how much radiation you’re exposed to if you know what the levels are and how long you were outside unprotected!

    Distance: This is fairly self explanatory…if you know you have time, make as much distance between you and the expected location of ground zero as possible.  If you don’t have time to do that, then use your time wisely to find or make proper shelter!

    Now let’s talk sheltering.  Everything has what’s called a Protection Factor or PF.  The PF increases depending on the density of the item.  Seeking shelter in a common house, for example, typically gives you a PF of 1.13 which reduces the radiation by 11.11%.  Really not that much if you are closer to ground zero where the detonation occurred; however, if you are much further away, could be significant for your needs.  Now lets say you add 18″ thick concrete around that house.  This increases the PF to 13.55 which reduces the radiation by 92.62%!!  If you are able to find a bunker to shelter in, of if you happen to be a “prepper” and own a bunker with 36″ of packed earth and 36″ of concrete surrounding a 1/4″ steel bunker, then your PF is 4935.78 which reduces the radiation by 99.98%!  For radiation, its all about density.  

    Now…just because you might only need to shelter-in-place for 2 weeks doesn’t mean there is no hazards. When you come out there will likely be radioactive dust particles on things so it will be important for you to know disturb those things and to not ingest anything contaminated.  One thing that is good is that you can wash off radioactive particles!  Meaning if you find a can of unopened food, you can wash off the dust and consume the food inside with no harm.  Just because the can had radioactive dust on it doesn’t make it “radioactive”.  Now this does lead me to my next point…WATER!  If its not bottled or filtered through a reverse osmosis water purification unit or something very similar…don’t drink it!  This is why its so important to have bottled water.  But did you know that bottled water expires!!!  Look at your bottled water, it has an expiration date.  There is a good reason for that.  Its not so much that the water itself goes bad, but that the plastic can cause the water to go toxic if it sits in the bottle for too long.  The more you know! 😉

    Power…during a nuclear attack there is a small amount of electromagnetic pulse or EMP that is released at the time of detonation which, depending on the height of the burst, will take out the power grid as well as any circuitry that isn’t EMP hardened…and this means most of your electronics (sorry for those of you wanting to listen to Korn).  There are some products out there that claim to protect your electronics from EMP with a Faraday Cage, which requires a bit more preplanning on your part to ensure you have the ability to listen to tunes post-attack.

    Now, as an emergency manager, here’s where I make my “plug”!

    • Be Informed
    • Make A Plan
    • Build A Kit
    • Get Involved

    In the US, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a website with a lot of great resources available to help citizens Be Ready!  This is a perfect place for you all to start building your kit to be ready in the event that something happens!  For the more serious survivalist there are a lot of websites out there to gain ideas from.  The only thing I would caution you on if you do decide to become an avid “prepper” is that there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation within those boards.  Do some research before you spend the money!  You can even come and ask me about it and I’d be happy to answer your questions.  I fully support every citizen being ready so don’t hesitate to ask!  I am a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers with over 22 years of experience.  Additionally I have expertise in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense as a part of my career as well.  

    A great link to find out what you should be doing to Be Ready is:

    Bottom-line is there is no one single correct answer…but you have to understand the principals and the concepts to be prepared.  This will be something I’ll be working on when I retire in October.  Not easy to have all this stuff ready when you move every 2 or 3 years.  lol

  21. Thank you for us all.. We live quite near the nuclear power station (about 30km) so I never thought we could have a chance to survive if anything happened. But you never know where something happens. My only question is about the water – if you take some with you into the shelter and there is short exp. date – is it better to keep it somewhere else than in a PET bottle?

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about it really…the “expiration” date is a good bit of time. Take a look at a bottle sometime and you’ll see its quite a bit of time. I would just buy whatever I needed and rotate the stock as I drink it daily while maintaining the same number of bottles. For a nuclear power plant…the hazard is different because you are dealing with fissile materials that have “melted down” instead of “yielding” or blown up such as a nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons hazards decrease quick because the radioactive materials are, first off, minimal, when compared to a nuclear power plant…and second off, they have undergone a reaction that releases the energy you see in a mushroom cloud. So these are 2 different situations entirely. Nuclear power facilities can be hazardous for many years, look at Chernobyl for example. It’s still highly radioactive and very hazardous. The same for Fukushima in Japan.


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