Video: Korn Discusses Brian Head Welch on Guitar Center

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  1. I would enjoy these vids better if they were LOnger

  2. Jonathan Davis looks so bummed about this topic but, he also looks so much better than the time during remember who you are til Path of Totality. I could tell that this wasn’t exactly what they wanted to remember by discussing it again but, it;s for those who still want to know and it gets it off their chest.

    • I think JD looks so pissed bacause Head talks about leaving from drugs to raise his daughter. But on the other hand JD has 3 kids, and they also grew up without him and JD was also an addict, but he got trough it without leaving the band. 

      • Scrogglez

        he probably wishes he had the same freedom as head did to leave and do what he wanted. I wouldn’t say he is pissed at head for leaving but pissed that he can’t leave korn.
        I don’t know – its hard to know you have kids and not see them grow up. He probably feels the same as head in a way, they all probably do to a point.

  3. oops stupid slow computer ddn’t mean to say this twice


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