Track Lengths Leaked – “The Paradigm Shift”

The Paradigm Shift

“The Paradigm Shift” has been sent to music journalist for album reviews. And an online French radio station accidentally leaked the song lengths after using the popular music application to listen to “The Paradigm Shift”. Known on as “scrobbling”, information transferred to’s database after they streamed the album through’s music player or via a plugin.

Track # Title Length
1. Prey For Me 3:37
2. Love & Meth 4:03
3. What We Do 4:06
4. Spike In My Veins 4:24
5. Mass Hysteria 4:04
6. Paranoid and Aroused 3:34
7. Never Never 3:41
8. Punishment Time 4:00
9. Lullaby for a Sadist 4:18
10. Victimized 4:00
11. It’s All Wrong 3:31
12. Wish I Wasn’t Born Today 3:03
13. Tell Me What You Want 3:01


  1. Que complaints in 3…2…1… *JD Freak on a Leash voice* GO!

  2. coo XD

  3. I’m not trying to complain, but I was expecting the tracks to be longer xD I still am highly anticipating this album and the suspense is killing me x333 haha

    • Expectations are for stupids.

      • I wasn’t exactly expecting it, I just thought that some of them would have longer lengths. It doesn’t mean anything with how I’m going to think of it. It’s the music itself that I care about.

  4. nothing to complain about. it’s a brand new album!!

  5. I just can’t wait to hear all these tracks!!!:)

  6. Seems about the norm for a Korn album. October can’t come soon enough.

  7. It’ll be well worth the wait!

  8. Doing stuff like this is going to get it leaked without a doubt

  9. I’m must be stupid so! When i ‘m waiting for a new album from a band that i follow since 15/20 years, as Metallica and Korn, I always imagine ” a sound”, an “album’s structure”. Because i’ve got my inner Korn! as you! So , yep i’ve got lots of expectations! And i was expecr for a long song which will ending the album. ( sorry for my poor english!)

  10. sweet….49mins. including bonus songs lol. what has happened to their song writing!!!!!

  11. Of course everyone wants longer songs because it means more Korn. But this is the norm for Korn. They avg probably around 3:45 a track. That’s cool.

    Sucks the bonus songs are so short. Could mean a few things. Probably the more rushed songs on the album, but we’ll see.

  12. 50 minutes of knocking heavens doors 😀

  13. I want to hear it soon, but maybe for the next korn album, they could work with Misha Mansoor. I want a Djenty-korn heheh

  14. Hope every song catches my ear, annoyed that there are bonus songs just put them on the albums and add somthong more for Deluxe. Album length is ok with the bonus songs, it should be a quality over quantity ablum, hehe.

  15. I wasnt expecting them to go tool on us, but i guess anything 4 minutes or more is long for korn, but its just probably long intros.. still i wouldnt have minded an epic 7 min ender


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