Jonathan Davis Recording VoiceOver Work For Director Josh Petrino on “The Devil’s Tree”

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Fun session yesterday recording a VoiceOver with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis for Director Josh Petrino’s new movie “The Devil’s Tree” #rocketshiprecording #korn #bakersfield #california

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About the movie:

After visiting a landmark tree rumored to be a gateway to hell, a group of friends hold a small house party where, without explanation, they realize they mentally can’t bring themselves to leave. Shortly after this revelation, torment and slaughter begins at the hands of a supernatural killer with a warped, sadistic sense of humor.

Status: Post-production
Updated: 18 December 2013

Jonathan Davis on Meltdown, 101WRIF

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Source: 101WRIF Meltdown

Meltdown caught up with Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis to talk about the upcoming Mayhem Festival and more!

Listen to the interview here!

Korn Back in the Studio…What?!?!


As we know, Korn are back in the studio with producer Don Gilmore to record a couple of new songs. What are your thoughts on what they are doing in the studio?

HardDrive Radio:
…..Meanwhile, I had Jonathan Davis of Korn on the hotLine yesterday from his Bakersfield home and today I will check in with Head and Munky tomorrow. The band is getting together soon to start recording a couple of new songs (hmmm, must be getting ready for the 20th anniversary?) with producer Don Gilmore.

Jonathan Davis on Loudwire Nights with Full Metal Jackie

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Source: Loudwire

Korn are riding a career upswing at the moment, due in part to the success of ‘The Paradigm Shift’ album. The news just keeps getting better for the band, as they’re set to appear as co-headliners of this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

Loudwire Nights host Full Metal Jackie recently had a chance to chat with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis about the creation of ‘The Paradigm Shift’ album, his political activism and his thoughts on the upcoming Mayhem Festival trek. Check out her interview with Jonathan Davis below:

Loudwire Nights; it’s Full Metal Jackie. On the show with us this evening — Mr. Jonathan Davis from Korn. How are you?

I’m good Jackie. How are you?

I’m great. Happy to have you on the show. Obviously, big news this week. You guys are gonna be part of Mayhem this summer. Tickets are on sale Friday, and obviously the latest Korn record, the 11th studio album, ‘The Paradigm Shift,’ came out back in October.

Jonathan, on a personal level, so much was happening to you and Korn while making ‘The Paradigm Shift.’ Is there a process to channel the ups and downs of life into music or is it ‘hold on tight’ and see what comes out of it?

There’s not really a process. Yeah, it’s just ‘hold on tight’ and see what happens. For reals. And see, you know, what I can get out of it. Not necessarily do I just know what the hell I’m going to write about, it just comes out. And then when I get done I’ll read it and I’ll figure out after that.

You guys didn’t sit down prior to coming into this and come up with the direction? It just sort of happened?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We don’t ever come up with an idea, you know, we get it, and bring it together, start writing and whatever comes out comes out. And we’ll go from there.

Jonathan, bands mature, both as musicians and as people, and Korn’s obviously no exception. What about you and your band is constant and never seems to change?

Our goofy asses. [Laughs] We’re a bunch of kids. We’ve never grown up and that never changes. It really, I’m trying to think, anything else, no. It’s just, the guys are a bunch of kids. We’ve never grown up. We’re always playing pranks on each other and doing all kinds of stuff, so I think that’s what it is.

When did you start becoming politically aware? And did you initially realize that awareness could and would affect your music?

I mean, I became aware politically — I mean, when I was a little kid my grandparents were die-hard, hardcore conservative Republicans [Laughs]. And they had like… I remember as a kid, they had a picture of Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall. They were that into that stuff. But, I didn’t really get into it until I started seeing some of our freedoms taken away. And, you know now, I’m just trying to make people aware of it.

Korn are obviously part of the Mayhem Festival this summer. Jonathan, tell us, what are your thoughts about the lineup this year?

Oh, I love it. It’s really heavy this year. So, I’m really excited to be playing with Cannibal Corpse, that’s one of my favorite bands. I get to see them, I get to see Body Count, which I’ve always wanted to see. It’s gonna be sick. It’s gonna be so much fun.

It’s Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie with Jonathan Davis from Korn. Again pick up the latest record ‘The Paradigm Shift,’ and see the band out on Mayhem this summer. Tickets go on sale this Friday.
Jonathan I really appreciate you taking the time to be on this show.

Oh, thanks for having me Jackie.

You can hear ‘Loudwire Nights’ with host Full Metal Jackie Monday through Friday at 7PM through Midnight on more than 20 stations across America.

Jonathan Davis Interview on KFMX

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Source: KFMX

Okay, interview Jonathan Davis is like pulling all your teeth out one by one. There is NO DENYING how great Korn are live or the album after album of amazing and innovative rock they’ve produced, but this guy couldn’t talk his way out of a wet paper bag. I absolutely love this guy for the jams, but c’mon J-Dog, learn some skills!

On the RockShow and personally, we can talk to pretty much anyone. We have an interview with the lady from the Chicken Fried Steak Festival coming up Monday and it’s about eight bazillion times more exciting than an interview with Jonathan. Once again, I love this guy, and as you can hear, I not only ask the questions but give examples of the answers and still……(*crickets*). I do understand that J is able to say what he wants through songs and exorcise his demons onstage, but you’d think after a few decades, he’s learn how to do a press tour.

How bad was it? We forgot to play it on the air. So, if you’re a big fan, or you want to hear me bust my ass to get a response out of the guy, here it is.

Listen to the interview: HERE

Jonathan Davis on Loudwire Nights with Full Metal Jackie TONIGHT

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The show is on the radio 7PM to midnight!

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Jonathan Davis Interview on 97.9 WGRD with Metalhead Ned

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Jonathan Davis Contributed to American Addict 2

American Addict - JD featured

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American Addict - JD

Antelope Audio Hanging Out With Korn

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For those of you in Germany that couldn’t watch it…now you can!

Antelope Audio Hanging Out with KORN from Korn Row on Vimeo.

Jonathan Davis Interview with Huffington Post

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Source: Huffington Post

A Conversation with Korn’s Jonathan Davis

Mike Ragogna: So how are you loving the latest tour?

Jonathan Davis: Oh, dude, I love it. It’s been amazing, we’re recording in Australia right now on the big festival Soundwave and we’re doing some side shows with Rob Zombie which have been fun. We’re having a blast, it’s been amazing.

MR: Rob Zombie is pretty smart guy, nice.

JD: That’s awesome. I went and saw Devil’s Rejects tonight on the big screen and he did a Q&A, it was awesome.

MR: You guys are pretty smart as well.

JD: Well, I don’t know if I would call it “smart,” but we threw some s**t out there and a lot of people want to talk to me now.

MR: Well let’s look at that. You have a video out of one of your songs from your latest album, The Paradigm Shift, called “Spike In My Veins.” My interpretation of that video is that there are a lot of issues out there that the government is involved in and they are purposeful distractions like Justin Bieber or other celebrities that are being used. How far off am I?

JD: No, you nailed it right on the head.

MR: Okay, regardless of whoever is doing it, it seems to me that that’s been used in the culture forever. “Hey you, look over here at this shiny object!” This time, it’s with celebrities, although these artists have been particularly “shiny” lately.

JD: Yeah, I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with artists. I’m not going to say that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus aren’t being what artists are because I’ve never met an artist in my life that was sane; it’s just how it goes. I’m crazy. Artists aren’t normally sane people, so of course, they’re going to be doing this stuff. I never thought it was those people’s fault. I feel like maybe the government takes advantage of that because maybe people want to live through them vicariously and that’s why they’re so interested in them. But I think it’s just a cool opportunity–it’s happened for years and years and years–the government can take that opportunity to distract so the NSA can spy on everybody. Every time you buy something online, every time you talk on your phone or do anything, there’s data collecting. I thought we were living in the United States of America where you’re not supposed to do that. I think people are getting kind of pissed off and fed up. By doing this video, I think it struck a chord with some people.

MR: But might it also be true there’s capitalization of artists’ craziness going on by the media? As Paul Simon said in “Have A Good Time,” “They’re just out to capture my dime.”

JD: Yeah, that’s probably right. I mean, any way you look at it, it’s f**ked. I’m going to be honest about it. I’m not going to try to come up with some quote, I think it’s just f**ked, period. Everything.

MR: A lot of people would agree. Things have spiraled out to the point where it’s very hard to see what reality is. You pointed that out in your video, or at least that could be another interpretation. It’s hard to see what reality is when you’re being bombarded by all of these distractions.

JD: Yeah. Over the years with the internet and everything, we’re so inundated with information all the time people have the attention span of a f**king gnat. “What’s next, what’s next, what’s next?” You can also use that to your advantage. All these texts they put out, people can look at them and be totally disgusted.

MR: Some people have said, “If you want something not done right, then let the government do it.” No considering that, do you think the US government is competent enough to do anything with the data they’ve collected? How do they even know where to begin?

JD: Where do you begin? There are people out there, groups like Anonymous. I go on all of these sites where people are calling for revolution; it’s pretty scary what’s going on in the world. I don’t know how many countries are having revolutions right now, it just seems like it’s in the air.

MR: Or a turning around of oppression and injustice. What about that?

JD: Yeah. People are just fed up with being lied to by the governments. We just want them to be straight with us. Everybody’s broke and on unemployment, people are pissed.

MR: Is there anything that’s happening right now that seems to be a glimmer of hope? Are suggestions like raising the minimum wage or the rolling out of the Affordable Care Act also shiny objects for distraction?

JD: Maybe? I know what you’re saying. They could be. Ultimately, what’s happening? Honestly, I just wish it was the way it used to be when I was a kid, man. Things have changed so damn much and it’s f**king scary. But I have three boys, three little kids, and they’re going to have to inherit all of this bulls**t. That just scares me.

MR: I have a son, it scares me too what he’s going to inherit.

JD: That’s my motivation. I’m not super-pumped. I just don’t like what’s going on right now.

MR: Jonathan, what about the new album? Are you happy that it is such a successful release?

JD: Yeah, man, we’ve been working hard. We’ve been on tour for twenty years; I think the longest we’ve had off is ten months. You have peaks and valleys and it’s nice to see people coming out to our shows because we have fun.

MR: What do you think it was about this album that resonated so well with people?

JD: One of the things is that we got Head back in the band. He’s one of the original members, it’s our first album with him back. We’ve been always trying to come up with new styles of music and do records different every time, we get really bored when we do the same thing over and over again. So I think it’s having Head back and also taking everything we’ve learned over the years of Head being gone. We’re really proud of this record; it’s so experimental and different, we’re taking electronics and heavy metal music and mixing them together.

MR: With this album, do you think Korn has become Korn 2.0?

JD: Oh yeah, Brian coming back revitalized the band. this record was the most fun I’ve ever had making a record and I think it just shows, everybody was so happy and we were so pumped and making it was such a great experience that when it came out people just loved it.

MR: Other than “Spike In My Veins,” are there a couple other songs on this project that you would want a listener to rush to to hear how great this record is?

JD: All the songs are all different. One of my favorite songs on there is called “Victimized.” It’s kind of a jam, and it’s half-electronic, half-rock band, and I love it.

MR: Was the writing process different than other projects?

JD: When we did the record, the band got together in August of last year and started writing and I didn’t get into the studio until February I believe. I had to go to rehab and detox off of Xanax. I have really bad panic attacks, so I was getting detoxed from Xanax because my doctor said, “This stuff is horrible for you, we’ve got to take you off of it.” It took about a year for me to really detox off of that and to be coherent again. When I was writing the record and doing the vocals, I was seriously one foot in the alley, one out. I just flew around trying to make my brain heal itself from the damage it did to itself with those drugs. It made it pretty special for me. I actually moved into the studio and had my two boys, PIrate and Zeppy, living with me. My boys were my inspiration the whole time, going in there and singing and watching me in the studio, because that studio was my father’s and before that, it was Buck Owens’ studio. I remember being a little kid and going in that studio and watching Buck and watching my dad, so it was a treat to have my own children in there watching me. It was a pretty cool experience.

MR: That is really cool. Korn has been around long enough to have a double-disc Essential release. That’s just shy of a box set. What do you think about that?

JD: Dude, this whole thing has been a trip to me. We’re the luckiest band on the planet. We’re just five guys from Bakersville, California. We go from that to the success we’ve had over the twenty years from our first release. It’s just pretty surreal, man. I still can’t believe it.

MR: And I imagine you’re a little more nostalgic these days because Brian is back.

JD: Yeah, yeah, definitely. This time around, it’s nice being on tour because we’ve all grown up more and all the partying and craziness from when we were kids has stopped. It’s actually more fun now than it was then.

MR: Congratulations. The group has had an amazing career to this point. When you look back at songs like “Did My Time” and “Evolution,” what would you say is the legacy of Korn?

JD: [laughs] I don’t know, bro. That’s a hard question.

MR: What would you like your legacy to be? If someone says, “Korn meant this…”

JD: I think it meant a lot. I think Korn means hope for a lot of people who’ve been picked on for anything in our lives. Every day a fan says, “Jonathan, you saved my life with your music” or “Your lyrics did this or that.” That’s the legacy that I want to be remembered by–helping all these kids that didn’t have anywhere to turn but turn the radio on or turn a CD on and that music helped them in some way. More and more, now that we’ve gotten older and the fans have gotten older and are bringing their kids, it seems to ring universally. This music helps them vent whatever frustrations they have inside and they actually feel better from it. I’d like to be remembered for that. It’s the only reason I’m still doing this s**t. I’m getting old. I’m not going to stop because it’s so f**king cool to see these people so touched by some art that we made together, you know what I mean?

MR: It’s true, you’ve affected many. So what advice do you have for new artists?

JD: For new artists? Hustle your ass off. When we were trying to get signed we had a sound that nobody knew what the f**k to do with and was scared of. All we did was hustle and hustle, playing shows, putting our money together to order sticker paper; we slapped Korn stickers all up and down California. Marketing yourself. We didn’t have internet back then. If you really believe in your project and you feel it’s good and you know in your heart it’s good, go out and take advantage of all the things that are out there and just push and don’t give up until you achieve your goal.

MR: Beautiful. One last question, President Obama and the US government feature heavily in the music video of “Spike In The Veins.” If you had one thing to say to them, what would it be?

JD: What would I tell them? What could you tell them? What could I really tell him to change things? Do I really think it’s him? I think he was handed a big giant s**t sandwich from the president before. He started all that stuff. Do you really think it’s him or is there someone behind that? I’m not going to go into one of the crazy-ass conspiracy theories, but I don’t think there’s anything I could f**king say to that guy that could change anything.

MR: Wow.

JD: I’m being honest. He’d look at me and go, “Okay, okay,” and nothing would happen.

MR: Okay, then what do you think the people should be doing right now?

JD: I think they should be pissed and demand that the government stop spying on them and gathering all this data. It’s all we can do. I mean this in a peaceful way, I’m not saying go out and start crazy s**t, but I think if enough people are outraged by it, then I think the president will start listening. I got an email from my friend today that says the Al-Qaeda are trying to shut down the NSA spying program. I know it’s bulls**t, but at least he said it. All those motherf**kers on Capitol Hill have got to go. We need to let new ones in and maybe it will be all right again. But everybody’s feeding all of them their agendas, how do you know if you’re being represented? It sucks. That’s why the whole thing needs to change.

Transcribed by Galen Hawthorne

Jonathan Davis on Spike In My Veins Controversy

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Source: Ruidoso Freepress

Prospect Park/Caroline RecordsThe video for Korn’s latest single, “Spike in My Veins,” has ignited some controversy, so much that singer Jonathan Davis tells ABC News Radio, “I think [that] as a band, we’re gonna cause some kind of ruckus, but we really didn’t understand at the time that we’d cause this much. I mean, it was really really strange to watch this all happen. We didn’t think it would get this big.”

The video is a straight-out slam of what the band members see as the state of personal privacy — or lack thereof — in the world today, and features clips of President Obama giving an official address to the nation, spliced with a clip of his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, interspersed with appearances from Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and a bevy of politicians.

What’s the message? The band believes that the U.S. government waits for crazy, headline-grabbing celebrity stories and seizes the opportunity to pass restrictive laws when very few people are watching. Davis tells ABC News Radio, “I’ve never really been a political person…but to… hear about Obama passing all these crazy laws, and the NSA spying thing and all that stuff…it just really intrigued me.”

“[Miley Cyrus was] just going up there and acting a fool [twerking at MTV awards], and everybody loves that, and that’s all everybody cared about at that moment,” he continues. “And no one was really focusing on what was going on with the government taking away our liberties, the NSA spying, all that stuff.”

Despite the band’s including Cyrus and Justin Bieber in the video, Jonathan Davis says he’s got no hard feelings toward them — in fact, he tells ABC News Radio that if Bieber came to a Korn show, “Of course [I’d let him in]. I can’t hate on that kid. None of these people know that they’re being used as distractions.”

“That kid’s…larger than life, he’s got more money than anything in the world, of course he’s gonna freak out,” Davis continued, referring to Bieber. “Of course little Miley Cyrus is doing this stuff, because it’s fun, it’s crazy, and people love [it].”

Korn Video Testimonial – Parents of the Singing Korn Kids

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