Brian Head Welch and Ace Frehley Featured On New Country Song “Black Crow”


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Brian Head Welch is featured, along with Ace Frehley (KISS), on a new country song! Get “Black Crow” on iTunes now!

Introducing Mitchell Tenpenny
Posted on December 13, 2014 by Dan Harr

mitchell-tenpenny_dec2014One of Nashville’s top emerging singer / songwriters, Mitchell Tenpenny has just completed his debut album set for release in early 2015 and includes eleven songs written and co-written by Mitchell.

The first single is “Black Crow” and it included some cool musicians playing on it. “This is my favorite song on the album by far. It was a blast to have Ace Frehley from KISS and Brian Welch from Korn playing guitar on this cut,” Mitchell enthused.

Mitchell is no stranger to the music business being the grandson of the late music Publishing executive Donna Hilley.

“Black Crow” is available on iTunes.

Twitter: @Mitchell10penny

Korn to Headline Carolina Rebellion on Saturday May 2, 2015




It was announced today that Korn will headline Carolina Rebellion Saturday May 2, 2015 and will play Self-Titled in its entirety according to Jonathan Davis. The show on May 2nd will be Korn’s first since Brian “Head” Welch played there with the band back in 2012.

Tickets will go on sale January 16th.

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Link for ticket info:

Want the pre-sale password?  Go find it by Clicking Here


Brian Head Welch and Fieldy Pray With Fans in Toronto

Brian Head Welch and Fieldy Pray With Fans in Toronto

“Brian Head Welch and Reginald Fieldy Arvizu of Korn are together with Constantine Kosyachkov and Eric Wilding in Toronto. Head and Fieldy share their testimonies, and Kosyachkov and Wilding join them to pray for their fans in Jesus’ name. Many of the fans give their lives to Jesus and some of the fans who were healed give their testimonies.” – Eric Wilding

Brian Head Welch Talks to Korn France (May 2014)

Brian Head Welch Talks to Korn France (May 2014)

Korn’s Brian Head Welch and Fieldy Talk to Kids Interview Bands

Korn's Brian Head Welch and Fieldy Talk to Kids Interview Bands

Korn’s Ray Luzier and Brian Head Welch Talks to Mortis Causa Legacy at Hell and Heaven Festival

Korn's Ray Luzier and Brian Head Welch Talks to Mortis Causa Legacy at Hell and Heaven Festival

Brian Head Welch Interview with Rock Revolt

Brian Head Welch Interview with Rock Revolt

Brian Head Welch Spoke at Midland Nazarene Church on Friday

Brian Head Welch Spoke at Midland Nazarene Church on Friday

Source: MLive

MIDLAND, MI — In 2005, when Brian Welch left the Grammy Award-winning band Korn, his band members thought he had lost it.

“They thought I lost my dang mind,” Welch said. “They thought I went nuts.”

The guitarist, who is commonly known by the nickname “Head,” left the band to kick drug addiction and connect with God.

Nine years later, Welch is once again a member of Korn, but he also takes the time to appear on smaller stages to tell people about his journey to spirituality.

On Friday, Oct. 17, Welch took time to explain his story to a group of young people at Midland Nazarene Church, 5700 Jefferson.

“I just want to encourage them to go after their destiny; their God-given destiny, and not waste away like I did for so many years,” Welch said.

Welch told the group of more than 50 teenagers that he would have avoided many hardships in his life had he started his relationship with God years earlier. His marriage may have survived and his daughter would likely have suffered far less trauma, he said.

“I made a lot of mistakes,” Welch said. “I hurt myself and others.”

Welch’s story is one that is filled with methamphetamine abuse and emptiness despite fame, he explained while standing in front of a screen projecting pictures of the 44-year-old musician and author.

But that all changed when Welch started communicating with God he said, calling the relationship he has with Christ the most important part of his life.

“It becomes more real year after year after year,” he said.

As Welch joked and snapped selfies with the young audience following his Friday afternoon talk, Kurt Faust explained why he brought Welch to the area for the second time in two years.

“Any time that we can teach kids about their walk with Jesus Christ, it’s wonderful,” Faust said.

Founder of the nonprofit Step Up Coaching, and the former football coach at Midland Dow, Faust coordinated Welch’s visit as he did when the musician visited the Midland area in 2013.

The two had met years before Welch became a born-again Christian. Faust said when he heard that Welch had started practicing Christianity, he was intrigued and eventually reached out to the guitarist.

“Brian is a great example of someone who basically lives fully for the lord and takes a risk in a culture that isn’t really accepting of that kind of lifestyle,” Faust said.

Following the afternoon appearance at Midland Nazarene Church, Welch appeared at a public event held at Midland Reformed Church.

Faust said there are “a lot of Brian’s” in the Midland community and having Welch visit is a “great way to reach them.”

That sentiment was echoed by Mike Martin, the worship and youth pastor at Midland Nazarene Church. Martin said he had his own struggle with drug addiction in his younger years.

“(Welch is) real and he’s relevant and he doesn’t sugarcoat anything,” Martin said.

Welch didn’t sugarcoat his feelings on what he views as the downside of organized religion.

“The religious side of God has been destructive and I think he’ll use freak-a-zoids like me to show people he loves everybody the same,” Welch said.

Faust said that is an important message, that God isn’t judging based on appearance or the type of music you listen to.

“People have an opinion about Brian when they look at him or they think of his music,” Faust said. “We want to break down that barrier.

“Love has no boundaries.”

Midland residents need to start looking at every person as a “child of God,” Faust said.

For Welch, though, the thoughts of others aren’t important.

“It doesn’t matter if people judge me,” he said. “What it’s all about for me is the relationship with God.”

That relationship, Welch said, led him back to Korn after 8 years away.

“The partying is all gone. Everybody’s got their life cleaned up,” Welch said. “The music’s still crazy. God’s not afraid of that.”

Welch said his role as a musician with Korn and the Christian band Love and Death is his ministry. While sometimes his musical travels lead him to discussing his faith with others, it isn’t always about speaking up.

“You’re not talking it but you’re living it,” Welch said. “You’re loving people.”

Besides touring and recording with his two bands, Welch is working on a new book.

Author of the 2007 memoir “Save Me From Myself,” Welch is working on another book with the working title “With My Eyes Open.” According to Welch, the new work is about “a broken soul being healed.”

Despite his busy schedule, Welch said his favorite part of his life is the time he spends focusing on his faith.

“It’s the most real thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he said.

For more information on Midland Nazarine Church and their youth ministry visit

“Come check us out on Sunday mornings,” Martin said. “Our whole church is about connecting people to people and connecting people to God.”

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Brian Head Welch Performs with Andy Mineo on 45th GMA Dove Awards

Brian Head Welch Performs with Andy Mineo on 45th GMA Dove Awards

Brian Head Welch on Do You Know Jack?

Brian Head Welch With Jack Antonio

Brian Welch chats with Jack Antonio Sept. 30th/2014 by Jack Antonio on Mixcloud

Brian Head Welch Speaks at Alamo City Comic Con 2014

Brian Head Welch, Alamo City Comic Con