Korn – The Paradigm Shift (2013)

Photo by: Stefano Micchia & Fadewood Studios

UPDATED 2 Aug 2013 at 2:44 pm EST

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Title: The Paradigm Shift Rolling Stone

Release Date: 27 Sep 2013 (Germany) Metal Hammer Germany
27 Sep 2013 (Finland) Metalshockfinland.com
27 Sep 2013 (Austria) Vienna.at
30 Sep 2013 (France) Byzegut.fr
30 Sep 2013 (UK) Kerrang
30 Sep 2013 (Asia) AsianFanatics.net
30 Sep 2013 (Brazil) Rockemgeral.com
1 Oct 2013 (Czech Republic) MusicServer.cz
1 Oct 2013 (USA) Rolling Stone
1 Oct 2013 (Hungary) Offline
1 Oct 2013 (Italy) SpazioRock
1 Oct (Poland) Codzienne Gazete Magazine
1 Oct (Portugal) Whiplash.net

Status: ‘The Paradigm Shift’ masters approved, cutting and shipping today.Euphonic Masters

 *UPDATED* Singles: Never, Never (Release Date: 12 Aug 2013) WMMR and HardDriveRadio

Tracklist :

Prey for Me
Love & Meth
What We Do
Spike in My Veins
Mass Hysteria
Paranoid and Aroused
Never Never
Punishment Time
Lullaby for a Sadist
It’s All Wrong
Wish I Wasn’t Born Today (Bonus Deluxe)
Tell Me What You Want (Bonus Deluxe)

Band Members:
Jonathan Davis – vocals
Brian “Head” Welch – guitars
James “Munky” Shaffer – guitars
Reggie “Fieldy” Arvizu – bass
Ray Luzier – percussion

Producer: Don Gilmore
Mark Kiczula
Euphonic Masters
Don Gilmore and Tom Lord-Alge
Other Artists Involved:
BetaTraxx, Sluggo, and Rick Norris
Korn’s Studio in Bakersfield and NRG Studios Studio A
Prospect Park
Caroline/Caroline International

More details below:

UPDATE (2 Aug 2013): This is old, yet new. Ditore Mayo Entertainment posted a couple of photos back in May of the filming of the DVD of Head’s return that, as we know now, will be in the deluxe edition of The Paradigm Shift.

Brian “HeAd” Welch, the former rock star drug addict at the center of our most watched I Am Second film has rejoined his former bandmates in KoRn after 8 years away. This is the reconciliation that no one thought would ever happen. The tour kicked off last night in PA, and we were there. Documenting the moment for a film that will come together later this year. Trey Hill is directing.

Head DVD
Head DVD2

The director, Trey Hill posted this:

So, for those who have been trying to put the pieces of what I’m up to following Korn around, this is it. I’ve partnered with my friends at DME to tell the story of Brian Welch’s return to Korn.

I have to say, I’ve been amazed to find such warmth, humility and authenticity out here dwelling in (what my judgmental heart believed to be) such an unlikely place.

I literally cannot wait to share this film with you guys.

UPDATE (2 Aug 2013): Revolver Magazine’s Brandon Geist talks about “The Paradigm Shift” and “Never Never” on Twitter

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UPDATE (1 Aug 2013):
Sebastien Paquet’s Instagram

Today’s shoot. #Korn #TheParadigmShift

Fieldy’s Instagram

Any leak on the street on the name of the Korn song that’s about to drop? #newkornsong #kornvidsnipcomingsoon

Korn’s 11th album The Paradign Shift is out on Oct 1st. With a single nearly ready to drop in two weeks, singer Jonathan Davis told us what the experience was like having Brian “Head” Welch back in the studio, making this record extra special.

Thank you stylodead

Read the original article on WMMR

“Untouchables used to be my favorite, but this one’s mine now. You know, it’s just all those years of work and being able to be in a band this long with the guys. And having Head back bringing, you know, that ole chemistry back with him with Munky James Shaffer on the rock side and I was on the electronic side. It was good having the compromise on both sides. It was just good for the creative process, I think.”

Listen to a clip of the call in here

  • The album’s first single “Never Never” drops August 12th.
  • The deluxe version of The Paradigm Shift will contain two bonus tracks and a 60 minute documentary chronicling Head’s return to the band produced by the band’s behind the scenes “filmographer” Sebastien Paquet.
  • In 2014, Korn will celebrate their 20th anniversary as recording artists.
  • Davis also revealed that he is doing just fine after discontinuing the use of anti-anxiety medicine he had been taking for many years.
  • Korn is set to appear on the cover of an upcoming issue of Revolver later this fall.
  • The band will be performing on August 6th in Sturgis, South Dakota at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Festival.

Surprise call from Korn mainman Jonathan Davis yesterday while he was driving from his home in Bakersfield to LA. He told me the album is finished and mastered, and we are less than two weeks away from the new single from The Paradigm Shift called “Never Never.” (Which I campaigned to be the single, I’d like to add.)

Read the original article on HardDriveRadio.com

Thank you LifeisPeachy725

He’s in great spirits, has completely kicked his use of his anti-anxiety meds and feels awesome. Excited about the new album, waiting on Sluggo and some of the other guys who helps do electronic tracks the band will use in their shows to be created for the new music, and was heading to LA for the photo shoot for the Revolver mag cover (the band will be featured in an upcoming issue.) The guys are heading to Sturgis for their show on the 6th next. Plans are in progress for their headlining tour this fall. Meanwhile, a 60 minute documentary on the band will be included (and sold separately) in the deluxe edition of the album, which will also include two bonus tracks. Jon told me where he thinks The Paradigm Shift, their 11th album, fits into the band’s legacy: ” ‘Untouchables’ used to be my favorite, but this one’s mine now. You know, it’s just all those years of work and being able to be in a band this long with the guys. And having Head back bringing, you know, that ole chemistry back with him with Munky (James Shaffer) on the rock side and I was on the electronic side. It was good having the compromise on both sides. It was just good for the creative process, I think.” Here’s the link to Revolver, who last week, leaked the tracklisting and album cover, which again was designed by Roboto, who also did The Path of Totality artwork. And wait, there’s more! His 18 year old son Nate is following in dad’s footsteps, not as a singer, but in the direction of JD’s J Devil DJ work. Nate’s been performing shows in Vegas under the name of Brickhouse. So EDM fans, keep an eye out for Brickhouse. Dad is very proud! (I met Nate as a young teen playing World of Warcraft in JD’s dressing room. Sweet kid.)

UPDATE (27 Jul 2013): Fieldy’s Instagram

Korn photo shoot. #these guys #crazy #rockers

UPDATE (26 Jul 2013):
Google Translate:

The eleventh studio album KORN released on October 1st. This is called The Paradigm Shift is produced by Don Gilmore (who previously worked on the album Hybrid Theory of LINKIN PARK or with PEARL JAM) and also marks the return of guitarist Brian “Head” Welch in the studio after eight year absence. The cover and the tracklist of the new album to be discovered below.

Read original article <a href=”http://www.radiometal.com/article/korn-pochette-et-liste-des-titres-du-nouvel-album,114473″>here</a>

Le onzième album studio de KORN sortira le 1er octobre prochain. Celui-ci se nomme The Paradigm Shift, est produit par Don Gilmore (qui a déjà travaillé sur l’album Hybrid Theory de LINKIN PARK ou encore avec PEARL JAM) et marque également le retour du guitariste Brian « Head » Welch en studio après huit ans d’absence. La pochette ainsi que la tracklist du nouvel album sont à découvrir ci-dessous.

paradigm shift
**Note: Album art by Roboto

Tracklist :
Prey for Me (3:37)
Love & Meth (4:03)
What We Do (4:06)
Spike in My Veins (4:24)
Mass Hysteria (4:04)
Paranoid and Aroused (3:34)
Never Never (3:41)
Punishment Time (4:00)
Lullaby for a Sadist (4:18)
Victimized (4:00)
It’s All Wrong (3:31)
Wish I Wasn’t Born Today (Bonus Deluxe) (3:03)
Tell Me What You Want (Bonus Deluxe) (3:01)

And for those of you that think this is a fake cover or a fake track listing…this is what Munky posted on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 10.18.46 PM

UPDATE (26 Jul 2013): Amit Sharma from Metal Hammer made a bold statement about “The Paradigm Shift” that we here at KornRow.com completely agree with!

UPDATE (21 Jul 2013): Metal Hammer are the first to review the album in print. Here are a few statements from the article.

With guitarist Head returning to the band for the first time since his 2005 departure, our natural inclination led us to expect something slightly nostalgic, harking back to the band’s ‘classic’ sound. The result couldn’t be further from that assumption.

The as-yet-untitled (The Paradigm Shift) new album combines the involved songwriting of Untouchables with a whole host of the won-heavy electronics that gave The Path Of Totality its identity. If you thought that record was a one-off experiment, think again. Those face-punching electronics are now an integral part of Korn’s sound. Add the pop-vocal sensibilities of producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte) into the mix and you have an album that’s fresher than a new pair of Jordans – one that revitalizes the band in terms of invention and quality.

There’s a collaboration here with Dutch drum’n’bass mob Noisia, a twisted ballad, a straight-up face-melter and a whole host of modern sounds that bring out what could be the most varied vocal performance of Davis’s career.

Read all of the article here.


UPDATE (17 Jul 2013): This photo was on Stefano Micchia‘s Facebook from the photo shoot for Korn’s “The Paradigm Shift”! Lo shoot con i KORN per il nuovo album è finito. E’ stata dura, ma ce l’abbiamo fatta. Tutto in 24 ore. Grazie a tutti voi, senza i quali tutto ciò non sarebbe stato possibile. Una grande CREW, un gran team. Got the Life!!!! Google Translate: The shoot with KORN for the new album is finished. It ‘was hard, but we made it. All in 24 hours. Thanks to all of you, without whom this would not have been possible. A large CREW, a large team. Got the Life!! 994277_648910128470350_1144797711_n UPDATE (17 Jul 2013): Early reviews by Metal Hammer journalist Amit Sharma and Scuzz TV manager Terry Bezer and Ryan Alexander Bird from RockSound:








UPDATE (17 Jul 2013): JD posted a line from “Punishment Time” on his Instagram and Twitter


UPDATE (10 Jul 2013): Euphonic Masters posted on their Facebook

Korn’s ‘The Paradigm Shift’ masters approved, cutting and shipping today.

UPDATE (9 Jul 2013): Euphonic Masters posted on their Facebook

Korn discusses the creation of their new album ‘The Paradigm Shift’, produced and mixed by Don Gilmore with additional mixes from Tom Lord-Alge, mastered at euphonic:

Hard Drive Radio posted information about the upcoming single:

Paradigm Shift. It’s due September 24. The single, which I think is gonna be “Never Never” although it COULD be “Love & Meth” is set for the first week of August.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 5.41.37 PM

UPDATE (8 Jul 2013): Zac says this of “The Paradigm Shift”:

paradigm shift – a major change in a certain thought-pattern, a radical change in personal beliefs, complex systems or organizations



Fits life & path well!



UPDATE (26 Jun 2013): Metal Hammer Germany has the new Korn album listed as “Paradigm Shift” and a release date of 20 Sep in Germany.

UPDATE (23 Jun 2013): Ray posted this on his Instagram:

Korn press Konference in France, we played them parts of 2 new songs off our SIC new record coming out Sept 24th. #korntour2013 #kornfans #korn #korn2013 #fieldy #brianheadwelch #munky #jdevil

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 1.53.33 AM

UPDATE (22 Jun 2013): An album title could be decided in the next few days says Munky…and the release date is 24 Sep 2013!

UPDATE (21 Jun 2013): Euphonic Masters posted this on their facebook this morning which can only mean that a single will be coming out SOON! The mixing was done by Tom Lord-Alge

Finished up a couple of cool projects today for Camp Sounds on Warner Music Norway and for Memphis’ own Jeff Jensen, now cutting a new Korn radio single, mixed by Tom Lord-Alge. Best job ever…


UPDATE (19 Jun 2013): Euphonic Masters posted on Facebook that they just began work on the new Korn album. It appears that “Prey For Me” was being mastered on Wed, 19 Jun! Prey For Me

UPDATE (14 Jun 2013): Interview by Kerrang! with Munky he stated that “Mass Hysteria” was a track title and that we might see a new song by the end of the month (June)!

UPDATE (1 Jun 2013): Caroline/ATO Records is listed as partners with Prospect Park for Korn’s new album! Found on RockJam.com and verified on Caroline.com

UPDATE (24 May 2013): In an interview with Hispanic Business, JD was asked: So you’ve chosen not to repeat the dub step/rock fusion of your last album on this new album, I understand. Why have you chosen to do that and what will your new approach be?

Davis: “I think it’s just homing in on mixing that stuff together so it’s perfect. I mean there’s still dub step stuff going on this record. It’s just not as prominent. I think we take every album that we do and learn from it and bring it on to the next little part of it. So I’m really excited about this. It’s rockin’ guitar, electronic, everything all in one. It’s really good. I think it’s a big step forward. It’ll freak people out I think. Don’t worry, it still sounds like Korn, in a good way.”

With the rebirth of the Shaffer and Welch dual-guitar attack, will this be somewhat of a return to the classic Korn sound of 10 years back?

Davis: “Oh, yeah, that’s in there. For sure. That was the whole … that was the thing. There’s a lot of that on the record. It’s a much bigger (sound). Huge. Super good.”


UPDATE (18 May 2013): KornRow conducted an interview with James “Munky” Shaffer and Brian “Head” Welch…we also got to listen to 7 tracks off the new album…and all we can say is THIS SHIT’S GOING TO RIP YOUR FACE OFF! :) Are you ready? KornRow Exclusive Interview from Korn Row on Vimeo.

UPDATE (13 May 2013): JD says

@Korn record is done by far the best album we have ever done so excited!!!


i can go home now ive lived at studio for 2 months…. fuck this ride has been very trippy

on his Twitter @jdevil33


Munky was in the studio tracking some more guitars.



UPDATE (2 May 2013): For those of you in disbelief about Brian “Head” Welch returning to Korn…read his tweet!

Korn confirmed that Brian “Head” Welch will be on this new album! Head, Munky, JD, Fieldy, and Ray are not only together again on-stage for shows beginning May 15, but KORN is also in the studio recording a new album! Korn’s Instagram

We knew we would have a blast playing together, ‘cause we love each other so much…everything just started pouring out, now I can’t wait until our fans hear this stuff!!”

Brian ‘Head’ Welch tells Rolling Stone

UPDATE (22 Apr 2013): Ray Luzier interview with musikmachenDE at Musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt indicates that Korn have tracked around 20 songs and JD is doing vocals for the next few weeks. He said that the new album should be out in the August/September timeframe!

UPDATE (14 Apr 2013): Ray Luzier posted some photos on his Facebook and his Twitter from the NRG Studio sessions.

Ray Facebook

Ray Facebook

Ray Twitter

Ray Twitter

UPDATE (10 Apr 2013): “Its goin down!” says JD on his Twitter! And Vocals have begun! And there will be “a little” dubstep on the new album according to JD on Twitter…which we already knew since Sluggo, Rick Norris, and BetaTraxx have be involved with this album.

starting vox on new korn album be scared

JD Vocals Twitter

JD Vocals Twitter

JD Vox Photo Twitter

JD Vox Photo Twitter

JD Vox Twitter

JD Vox Twitter

Dub JD Twitter

Dub JD Twitter

UPDATE (8 Apr 2013): Ray says drums are COMPLETE on his Facebook

Drumz for the new KoRn record are complete! At NRG studios in NoHo, CA — in North Hollywood, CA.

NRG Recording Studios posted this photo on their Facebook
They also announced that Mark Kiczula is an engineer working on the new album. He has quite an impressive discography to check out! Mark Kiczula on ARTISTDirect, AllMusic and Discogs

Our old friends, Korn, were in last week putting on the finishing touches for their new album with producer Don Gilmore and engineer Mark Kiczula! Here’s Ray Luzier in Studio A after drums were done.

Ray, NRG Recording Studios Facebook

Ray, NRG Recording Studios Facebook

UPDATE (7 Apr 2013): Comeback Media Instagram

Ray at NRG, Comeback Media

Ray at NRG, Comeback Media

UPDATE (6 Apr 2013): Fieldy posted a new photo on his Instagram

Rockin out yesterday with @rayluzier1 at NRG ! photo credit : @comebackmedia #rayluzier #fieldy #drumbs #bass #k5 #korn #music #friends #fun #rockinout #tracking #studio #hollywood

Fieldy Instagram

Fieldy Instagram

Munky posted this on Twitter indicating that its the last day of recording at NRG Studios. Now we need vocal updates!

Last day at #NRGstudio @RayLuzier1 KILLED it!! Great fkn job man

Munk Twitter NRG

Munk Twitter NRG

Aspen posted this photo on her Instagram

Chillin in studio listening back

Aspen Instagram

Aspen Instagram

UPDATE (5 Apr 2013): Comeback Media Instagram

Ray Tracking Drums, Comeback Media

Ray Tracking Drums, Comeback Media

UPDATE (4 Apr 2013): From Korn’s Instagram

Drums tracking #Korn #Drums

Korn Instagram

Korn Instagram

UPDATE (3 Apr 2013): Ray posted this on his Facebook

In the studio tracking more KoRn tunes. Mike Fasano is tuning my drumz up & makin’ it happen. — in Los Angeles, CA.

Ray Luzier Facebook

Ray Luzier Facebook

And from the Korn Instagram

Getting ready for drums tracking #Korn #Reflection #Drums #Studio

Korn Instagram2

Korn Instagram2

And Munkys Instagram

Boo ya!!

Munky Instagram

Munky Instagram

UPDATE (2 Apr 2013): Fieldy posted this on his Instagram

Ray your next! Korn drum tracks! #beats #drums #korn #m.i. #

Fieldy Instagram

Fieldy Instagram

UPDATE (29 Mar 2013): Majik Box posted on their Facebook this photo:

Munky from Korn is currently recording in the studio with his custom Origin guitar and Majik Box pedals, including our new prototype Fuzz.

Majik Box

Majik Box

UPDATE (26 Mar 2013): According to Roxy at HardDrive, we might see some new Korn as early as June!

I am hearing a new Five Finger Death Punch track could be coming to radio in May and a new Korn single as early as June.

Read full article here.

UPDATE (24 Mar 2013): JD said on Korn Chat early this morning that he’s doing vocals now.

UPDATE (21 Mar 2013): And JD says the new Korn is badass!

JD Tweet

JD Tweet

I want to clarify that this person on twitter @eltrackss is NOT involved with Korn or JD at all! Confirmed with JD today.

DJ Trackss Twitter

DJ Trackss Twitter

UPDATE (20 Mar 2013): A new article in Bakotopia by Matt Munoz has a quote from Fieldy about the new album!

The remaining members of Korn are commuting between studios in Oildale and Southern California, putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to 2011’s “The Path to Totality.” Arivzu offered a tantalizing tease of what to expect:

“Right now, I will tell you this … we’ve done something we’ve never done before. Normally if we do a new Korn record, we’ll normally put 12 or 13 songs and that’s how many we make. This time we’ve made 20-plus songs, and we’ll put the best of what we have on there, whatever the numbers end up being. We have so many to choose from, I think it’s going to be a little extra special this time.”

Arvizu said there are no plans at this point to invite Welch to the studio.

“The only things we can confirm are the shows that we got,” he said. “When we’re really confirmed on something, that’s when we let the world know. We are confirmed to do these tour dates with him, it is going down and he will be there to rock out with Korn the way everybody remembers Korn.”

Ray Luzier posted this on Twitter

Listening back to a new tune

Munky, Ray Luzier, Fieldy, Don Gilmore Korn Studio

Munky, Ray Luzier, Fieldy, Don Gilmore Korn Studio

Ray Luzier Tweet

Ray Luzier Tweet

Fieldy posted these photos to his Instagram

Fieldys Pedals

Fieldys Pedals

Just another day in the studio making music!

Korn Studio 20 Mar 13

Korn Studio 20 Mar 13

Sluggo posted these to his Instagram

Going home….last day for now.

Sluggo, Don Gilmore, Ray Luzier Korn Studio

Sluggo, Don Gilmore, Ray Luzier Korn Studio

Vocal time….

JD Vocal Time Korn Studio

JD Vocal Time Korn Studio

Comeback Media post this on their Instagram

Korn Studios

Korn Studios, Photo by Tony Adams / Comeback Studios

UPDATE (18 Mar 2013): Fieldy posted a new photo on his Instagram and says:

Back to the studio tomorrow !

Fieldy Instagram, 18 Mar 13

Fieldy Instagram, 18 Mar 13, Photo by Come Back Media

UPDATE (16 Mar 2013): Sluggo indicates that they are almost done via his instagram:

So close to being done….#studiolife

Sluggo Instagram

Sluggo Instagram

UPDATE (14 Mar 2013): Sluggo posted this photo from the Korn studio in Bakersfield and made a comment that make one wonder how many songs will be on this next Korn album!?:

13 down….7 more to go…bed time

Sluggo Korn Studio

Sluggo Korn Studio, Sluggo’s Instagram

UPDATE (13 Mar 2013): Comeback Media posted these photos from the Korn Studios in Bakersfield on their Instagram

Fieldy Tracking at Korn’s Studio

Korn Studio

Korn Studio, Photo by Comeback Media

Munky at Korn’s Studio

Munky, Korn Studio

Munky, Korn Studio, Photo by Comeback Media

Munky’s Pedals

Munky's Pedals

Munky’s Pedals, Photo by Comeback Media

Studio Equipment

Fieldy, Korn Studio

Fieldy, Korn Studio, Photo by Comeback Media

UPDATE (10 Mar 2013): Although this was previously announced, here is more information on Prospect Park Record Label.

Jeff Kwatinetz

Jeff Kwatinetz

Jeff Kwatinetz has made some changes at his Prospect Park record label, amicably parting ways with longtime label head Deb Klein and moving the recently hired Ron Cerritos into the role. The label has also added KORN and Mindset Evolution to its roster, which also includes the hit metal act Five Finger Death Punch. In addition, Kwatman has brought in successful music manager Brian Schechter as part of Prospect Park’s music management team. The management changes have come as the company looks to diversify and expand into new genres and business models.

Source: Audio Korner

UPDATE (9 Mar 2013): Sluggo posted a photo of working edits…notice JD’s guitar to the left! Who knew he’d have the Christmas Story lamp too! HAHA Sluggo’s Instagram

Sluggo Instagram

Sluggo Instagram

UPDATE (8 Mar 2013): Sluggo posted this photo on his Instagram from the Korn Studio in Bakersfield

Sluggo Korn Studio

Sluggo Korn Studio, Sluggo’s Instagram

UPDATE (2 Mar 2013): Fieldy posted this photo on his fieldykorn Instagram saying it was taken “on break in the studio couple days ago”

Fieldy & Munk

Fieldy & Munk, Fieldy’s Instagram

UPDATE (27 Feb 2013): JD was asked on Twitterby Absolute Xero about how “heavy” the new music is going to be to which JD replied “it is!!!!”.

JD Tweet

JD Tweet

Sluggo posted this photo on his Sluggodubstep Instagram

Munky and Fieldy Korn Studio

Munky and Fieldy Korn Studio, Sluggo’s Instagram

Fieldy posted this photo on his Fieldykorn Instagram as day 3 in the studio tracking bass!

Fieldy's Bass

Fieldy’s Bass, Fieldy’s Instagram

UPDATE (26 Feb 2013): Fieldy posted these photo’s on his Fieldykorn Instagram as day 2 in the studio tracking bass!

Fieldy Day 2 in Studio

Fieldy Day 2 in Studio, Fieldy’s Instagram

Fieldy Day 2 in the Studio Photo 2

Fieldy Day 2 in the Studio Photo 2, Fieldy’s Instagram

Korn posted these photo’s of Munky tracking guitars in the Korn Studio on their Korn_official Instagram

Munky Tracking in Korn's Studio

Munky Tracking in Korn’s Studio, Photo by Sebastien Paquet

Grumpy Munky ;) in Korn's Studio

Grumpy Munky 😉 in Korn’s Studio, Photo by Sebastien Paquet

UPDATE (25 Feb 2013): Sluggo posted this photo on his Sluggodubstep Instagram and so did Fieldy on his Fieldykorn Instagram

Fieldy and Sluggo at Korn's Studio

Fieldy and Sluggo at Korn’s Studio, Sluggo’s Instagram

UPDATE (21 Feb 2013): Drum Workshop is reporting on their Facebook that Korn’s 11th studio album is expected to release July 2013!

Drum Workshop Facebook

Drum Workshop Facebook Post, 21 Feb 2013

Ray Luzier tweeted that they are in the studio today, 21 Feb 2013!

Ray Luzier Tweet

Ray Luzier Tweet, 21 Feb 2013

UPDATE (17 Feb 2013): Munky posted these photo’s on xjamesxevisx Instagram as the 7th day tracking guitars and said this:

Tryin to get everyone of you in the tracks! Problem : tuning!

Munky's Guitars in the Korn Studio

Munky’s Guitars in the Korn Studio, Munky’s Instagram

Munky Day 7 Tracking Guitars in Korn Studio

Munky Day 7 Tracking Guitars in Korn Studio, Munky’s Instagram

UPDATE (16 Feb 2013): Sluggo posted this photo on Sluggodubstep Instagram

Korn vs Sluggo

Korn vs Sluggo, Sluggo’s Instagram

UPDATE (11 Feb 2013): From the BK Entertainment Group website, Prospect Park is the record company for the upcoming album! Five Finger Death Punch are also on Prospect Parks label.

Thanks for the find Fans For Korn

UPDATE (11 Feb 2013): Munky tweeted this:

@JC_Shaffer (Munky's Tweet)

@JC_Shaffer (Munky’s Tweet)

Munk Tracking

Munk Tracking

UPDATE (8 Feb 2013): Munky posted this photo of his guitars on xjamesxevisx Instagram

Munky's Guitars

Munky’s Guitars

UPDATE (6 Feb 2013): Sluggo posted this photo on Sluggodubstep Instagram

Korn Studios

Korn Studios, Sluggo’s Instagram

UPDATE (4 Feb 2013): Sluggo posted this photo on Sluggodubstep Instagram

Korn Photoshoot

Korn Photoshoot, Sluggo’s Instagram

UPDATE (2 Feb 2013): Sluggo posted this photo on Sluggodubstep Instagram

Sluggo in the Studio

Sluggo in the Studio, Sluggos Instagram

UPDATE (31 Jan 2013): Fans for Korn asked Sluggo about the new Korn album on Sluggo’s Facebook and Sluggo says:

all the tracks are absolutely amazing….perfect blend of both worlds! beware!

FFK on Sluggo's Facebook

FFK on Sluggo’s Facebook

UPDATE (27 Jan 2013): According to Ray Luzier, the producer for the new Korn album is Don Gilmore who has produced Lacuna Coil, Eve 6, Three Days Grace, Hollywood Undead, Good Charolette, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessional and even Duran Duran!!

Don Gilmore

Don Gilmore

UPDATE (27 Jan 2013): Beta Traxx commented on the photo he posted on his Facebook this morning about the new album!

BetaTraxx Post

BetaTraxx Post

UPDATE (26 Jan 2013): Techno artist Beta Traxx posted on his facebook that he worked on a Korn track yesterday and posted a photo of JD in the studio!

Messed around on a new track with Korn yesterday. Sickest studio ever…. Felt like i was in a giant Guitar Center designed by Tim Burton. – Beta Traxx

JD Studio 2013

Photo by Beta Traxx, JD Studio 2013

UPDATE (14 Jan 2013): From ARTISTDirect

There are a few records on the horizon in 2013 that we’re sure are going to completely change the game.

New music is always exciting prospect, and we bring you the records we think will totally blow you away in 2013.

Next up is…

Korn— TBA

There are game changers and then there’s Korn.

These are the men who gave us Korn, Life is Peachy, Follow the Leader, and last year’s The Path of Totality. Every one of those records altered the course of heavy music, and that’s why they cultivated one of the most diehard audiences in history. That brings us to their highly (understatement) anticipated eleventh studio effort.

Coming off The Path of Totality, the guys are emphasizing a return to the guttural guitar driven apocalyptic funk of their classic efforts, while still paving a new path. Whatever they do, it’s bound to break ground and shake up music as a whole.

Are you ready to follow the leaders once more?

—Rick Florino

UPDATE (7 Jan 2013): James ‘Munky’ Shaffer Tweet (7 Jan 2013)

Munky Tweet, 7 Jan 2013

Munky Tweet, 7 Jan 2013

Munky Tweet Photo, 7 Jan 2013

Munky Tweet Photo, 7 Jan 2013

UPDATE (4 Jan 2013): Revolver Magazine has just put Korn’s upcoming album on their list of most anticipate albums of 2013 as well!

It may have seemed like the band members’ side projects were ringing in the end of Korn, with vocalist Jonathan Davis spending a lot of time on his electronic work and guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer focusing on Fear and the Nervous System. However, when Revolver spoke with Munky last year, he said Korn had 15 new songs already and was looking for a producer, adding, “We have a big 2013 planned for our fans, for ourselves, and our families.”

Source: Revolver Magazine

UPDATE (2 Jan 2013): ARTISTDirect has just named the forthcoming album one of the most anticipated albums of 2013!

Korn’s tenth studio album, The Path of Totality, was in no uncertain terms a “game-changer.” It featured cutting edge production from the likes of Skrillex, 12th Planet, Noisia, and more of EDM’s hottest artists, and was widely hailed by critics and fans alike as Korn’s best album in years. In 2013, expect the follow-up from metal’s most innovative artists to deliver. (MP) Source: ARTISTDirect

Ray Luzier Tweet (12 Dec 12)

Ray Luzier Tweet, 12 Dec 12

Ray Luzier Tweet, (12 Dec 12)

Ray Luzier Tweet (9 Oct 12)

Ray Luzier Tweet, 9 Oct 12

Ray Luzier Tweet, 9 Oct 12

Munky Interview – Phoenix NewTimes (29 Oct 12)
Korn has always been at the forefront of the metal’s evolution. Jonathan Davis said back in July that you guys are getting ready to record your 11th album, but it’s not sticking with the dubstep style. What can you tell me about that?

Well, I’m headed there right now actually. I’m driving to the studio now. We’ve been working on it for awhile, just recording ideas. I wouldn’t say it’s a 180 from the last album, but we’re definitely taking a different approach. We’re not going with the dubstep style, but we are using a lot of interesting recording techniques.

So do you think it will be a bit heavier than the last one?

I think it will be. I think once Jonathan puts vocals on it, it has…it’s more melodic and the guitars are more aggressive and much more in your face. I think what we did before was bold and took a lot of balls, in regards to the album devoted entirely to dubstep. To me it’s very much a Korn album, but I want to feature more guitar on this album, on the one were writing right now, we still have one foot in the electronic [style], not necessarily the dubstep [sound], and we still have a fresh approach on the guitar riffs with some melodic vocals. Jonathan is great at sort of delivering the aggressive lyrics and vocals.

Munky Talks to KROQ (22 Oct 12)

“We’re writing a Korn album now, and we have probably about 15 ideas for songs,” Shaffer explained during a recent interview with CBS Local. “They’re not complete, because we’re still in the process of polishing them up and finding the right producer. We’re going through meetings with different guys to find one.

“It’s really exciting,” he added. “Korn has a big year planned for 2013. “We’ve gone back into the studio and are writing more like a metal or rock band,” in comparison to the band’s last release, the heavily dub step-influenced The Path of Totality. “That’s why they came up with the ‘nu-metal’ term, because we’re not really a rock band and we’re not really a metal band. So many people hate that term, but it’s pretty cool that they had to come up with something to describe what we were doing musically.”

When asked to explain the sound of the new Korn songs, Shaffer harkens back to Korn albums past for comparisons.

“The new music is inspired by our Issues album, or even Untouchables, that era. It’s a little more melodic and a little more aggressive at the same time.”

JD Interview with Billboard (18 Jul 12)

As for Korn, which begins a month of touring on July 29 in Syracuse before heading to Russia and Europe, Davis says “we’re getting ready to start writing a new record” and predicts that it probably won’t embrace the same electronic path that “…Totality” did. “Our motto is to keep ever-evolving,” Davis says. “I’m sure there’ll still be some electronic influence in there, but I don’t think it’ll be like the last one and go to all those different guys again. We’ll switch it up and try to do something new, ’cause that’s how we work.”


  1. Inspired by Issues AND Untouchables?!?!?!


    • That will be so awesome! Issues is the favorite album I always comes back to. Exciting news indeed!

    • I must say I have been fortunate to hear one of the new korn songs and it is absolutely brutal. More of like a mix between Follow the Leader and the first self titled album. If I were to compare the song with any other it would be like a cross breed between Freak on a Leash and Chi. I am so stoked. I was disappointed by their last album but this one is going to be great. KORN back on top. Not sure but I would have to say that their are some Head sounding riffs. Maybe not. If its Munk he has really stepped up his game. So raw. Vocally Jon is back to heavy and aggressive. The sound is melodic and spot on in tune. Drums, guitar, lyrics mend perfectly!!! Going to buy this one for sure and you should too!

      • thanks man for the comment… i just cant wait to hear the single they said they were going to release this month… 2 days left….. im glad to hear good words about the new material… thanks again!

  2. STOKED! An album that harkens back to Untouchables and Issues would be SICK, but Im just glad they are hard at work, writing some new stuff

  3. They really need to add Lullaby for a Sadist on there..

    The sad thing is, I was told at one point they wrote the song after K3, then Munky said it was a Bside to K3.. wtf is going on. I still want to hear that song though 😀

    • Yeah I can only find it in an interview where Jon speaks about it a tad.
      “We’re always constantly writing songs. Fuck, I’ve got like 20 songs. We did three of them, and we’ll keep recording some more. I take the Miko on the road with me, and I’m constantly writing. I’ve got at least 15 that are ready to be recorded. One song I finished is called “Lullaby for a Sadist.” It’s different for Korn. You have to hear it! There’s acoustic guitar on it. It gets very heavy, and it’s really dark. It’s about a guy who loves inflicting pain on people and how he gets off on it. It’s really cool! It’s always fun because I’ll write a song let Munky get a hold of it and he’ll put his flavor on it, and it turns into a whole different monster. It’s really cool.” – Jonathan Davis


  4. Hey anyone here remember JoVi XD? Lol well depends who here was a kornspacer?

  5. Hope they dont do too much “Experimenting” and just play what they dominate at. I always thought issues was their heaviest so this new album should rock.

  6. I’d say Untouchables was heaviest, but then again, self-titled and Life is Peachy are also heavy in their own perspective. Untouchables is obviously a fav of mine 😀

  7. good news! by the way.. this is an awesome website for korn fans, keep it up!

  8. Stoaked!!! Can not wait for a new koRn album!!

  9. Munk in the studio – sounds like the past and the future. mmmmm

  10. I wish they wouldn’t incorporate any electronic influences at all.

  11. Excited for this, but yet I am always excited for a new album.

  12. This is going to be a kick ass album; I already know! Don Gilmore is a great producer, waaaaay better than Ross Robinson IMO!

    • We are very eager to hear this album! They are so silent about it…makes us all wonder WTF is up!

  13. Has anyone seen or posted this yet?


    Head from Instagram January 10th, Jonathan from Instagram January 25th. I did not put this together and am not taking credit for it.

  14. this album is gonna be a classic!!!

  15. “13 down….7 more to go…bed time” —-> i think this would be a pre-selection to mix. Can’t wait for new album!

  16. Sluggo must be mixing and mastering the album! A little KoRnfused as to what his role is.

    • Nothing to be confused about…he’s been working on the new Korn album with them for months.

      • I know; I follow him on Facebook. But at first I thought he was just going to their studio to collaborate with them on some tracks but know it seems he’s helping with the editing process. Either way I’m still super stoked for this album! Can’t wait!

  17. They’ve made twenty plus songs. Totally psyched. Hope at least sixteen of them make it on the new album. Actually I hope they make like thirty plus songs and put out a double album.

    • I’m also blown away at the sheer number of songs we have heard they made. Munky stated 15 last fall and now Fieldy says 20 so they have been VERY VERY busy music writing machines!

  18. Nice!!!!

  19. Munky’s new axe looks siiiiiick

  20. Dustep or not I’ll Be watting for you Guy’s and i hope you get all succefull at yOUR new track’s,My fellers and KoRn Family FB we will Praying for yOUR Guy’s Good Luck! We love you! Guy’s.
    Post……………….Marlon RockoRner KoRnFamily Facebook.

  21. I am way too excited. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  22. “The new music is inspired by our Issues album, or even Untouchables, that era. It’s a little more melodic and a little more aggressive at the same time.”

    That’s it I can’t wait any longer ! I need to hear the new album asap or at least one single :)

  23. I’ve gotta admit, this is a well made article.

  24. You should update: The mix completed june 10th:) Also release will be in September rather then in August – Munky & Head for PULS

    • Yes, we will. I wasn’t able to make updates while traveling…internet was not available. Thanks for the reminder.

  25. The trailer song is part of track “First Lesson”.Some people from Poland,admins of Kornzone website listened new album after Korn’s concert in Warsaw.They sad that this is best KoRn album ever and sound just like Issues and Untouchables mix but it’s better than this albums.We can expect unique sound.

    • Yes, the new album is amazing. I’ve heard 10 tracks off the new album now and all of the tracks just blow me away! And no…the trailer song is NOT called First Lesson.

      • when release the first single june or july???

        • Munky said in an interview with Kerrang! today that we might see a new song by the end of the month (June). So we are still waiting for final word!

  26. Can you contact Korn and tell them to release the single this weekend? :p

    Or maybe just one more clip?

    I’m thinking Korn may have said this is the “First Listen” and maybe they thought the song was First Lesson lol.

    • That’s possible. I just know for a fact that the name of that song isn’t First Lesson.

  27. Mass hysteria name of the new song! Just the name sounds so powerfull!:D

  28. Let’s get it on boys!! Yeeee Honkin Haaaww!!!!! I’ll get to hear the new song live in August :)

  29. You know which song Mass Hysteria is??? Sooo jealous of the fact you’ve heard these songs. Was Head doing vocals on any of these songs Josie or can you not say?? :)

  30. Dang! Release may be late September now!! I wish they’d just start promoting now for the next month and a half and put it out in August!!!

  31. Might I suggest the name of the new album, which should be “Reborn”. Its just a suggestion FYI 😛

  32. You do know that Summer continues through till 22 Sept right? And you can read the old articles yourself, its always been Aug/Sep. LOL to the payroll…I don’t work for Korn. Never have. That was funny though!

  33. What was said that was bad and censored? You mean in general or about the new album?

    I’m dying to see if this really is an amazing album or it’s all just hype. Only way to find out is to listen to it myself. But everything sounds good so far, then again it’s coming from admins who’ve had their sneak peek. Hope it’s genuine 😀

    • You’ll see Patrick! :)

    • the waiting for Korn 3 was so great, when kornspace announced the Oildale think I waited that day, then later announced to the next week was so letdown, I have this dream that they released the single (titled something like “rollercoester” maybe “mass hsteria”?) and that the album title was like korn IV, with some other title . hahahahha was so funn, hope they release something soon, maybe they play a new song at the last show, like they did in Anchorade Alaska for Oildale

  34. Josie, i must say that you are really lucky to have heard already some of the new material from korn. but i’m really curious about that. how is it that you got the opportunity to hear the new songs? and did you hear the full tracks or only clips of the songs? please reply!

  35. that’s very cool and fortunate of you josie. so are there any lyrics that you can remember from the songs? or what about the song structure? are they a bit different to what korn usually makes?

    • I’m not the right person to ask. I’m not a musician and I don’t know shit about song structure. I can tell you this…to me…it was like a perfect blend of Issues, Untouchables, and Path of Totality. It’s not like anything i’ve ever heard before yet very familiar. Not sure if that makes sense but when you hear it you’ll understand. It’s heavy, melodic, guitar driven, and still with that dub element that I love that they brought to their sound. As for lyrics…just gonna blow you away! JDs vocals were dead on with this album. I love everything I’ve heard from the album so far. I can’t wait to hear the other songs I haven’t yet heard! :)

  36. i’m sure we will all be blown away! damn it, korn is getting good on not having any full song leak by this time already. i bet that all of the hard core korn fans are dying to hear a new song already. it sucks that we’re getting close to the end of this month and still no news on when the single drops. come on korn, we need a date!!!!

  37. They’re just being good promoters, but it is getting annoying. The single should be coming out any week, and it sucks they’re not even playing a new song live yet. We should have a tracklist or album cover or the name of the single or something by now lol.

  38. I agree, and also Josies comment turned me on so bad! And I watched Rock am ring, rock im park because i was 110% sure they are gonna play new song(s), cuz 100,000 people is a good audience to promote new singles.

  39. The new single will be “Prey for me”?? According to that https://twitter.com/KornRow1/status/348015615828705280/photo/1

    • That track was being mastered on Wednesday. No clue what track was being mastered today.

  40. I haven’t even heard it but Balls/Love and Meth sounds like it should be the first single :)

  41. Hmm, wasn’t mastering and mixing already completed on 10th of June?

    • That’s what I thought too! That’s what’s been in interviews…but I don’t know anything about the process of releasing an album.

  42. Yea that’s what it says and what Munky had said.

    Or was just mixed and now it’s being mastered! No wonder we haven’t gotten anything! Makes sense now lol. Hopefully new Korn by next week!

  43. Oh yea! And how does Prey For Me sound Josie!?!?

    • It’s an awesome track! I think all of us fell in love with Prey For Me and Love and Meth instantly. Both of them are just so heavy and hard hitting.

  44. And nvm, Prey For Me isn’t the new single, I get it!!! Mastering should only take a few days to complete. They should be done soon! Definitely, by this weekend!

  45. I bet they drop a new song tonight for all to see live and on the stream!!! 😀

  46. Even if I could…I couldn’t release that info…that’s for the band to do.

  47. Album coming out September 24th – by Munk, Hellfest conference

  48. Any news/reports from the press that listened to the new songs??

  49. Ray has confirmed the release date of the new record. I know Munky said it, but Ray just posted it on his instagram! Check it out on his instagram! Maybe it’s official now?

    “Korn press Konference in France, we played them parts of 2 new songs off our SIC new record coming out Sept 24th.”


  50. is there somewhere on the internet a recording of the songs that korn played? even though its probable crappy quality. too bad that we’re still not getting a new song. i’d say the single got pushed back to mid july, cuz’ i don’t think that a new song by the end of this month is gonna happen anymore

    • A new song could come out at anytime! I think we’ll hear the single hit radio in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully they release it online first as a stream or something.

      Then again, I also have a feeling they might not doing anything until they are in the states, which is mid July like you said. But they should at least give us some clip of the new single!

    • No there is no clips online other than the trailer they posted awhile back when they announced Head being back. I would guess a single will drop anytime now. Just keep your fingers crossed!

  51. too bad there are not any clips of the new songs. korn should release at least one new song already. looks like josie’s the one who knows more stuff! so please anything new you might know please share! we are all korn fans dying to hear anything about the new album!

  52. we need new shit like today DX

    • I know WTF! I know several ppl who were all pumped and hyped up like a month ago and then the news just died and that was it. Now they’re like ehhh, new cd’s/singles are coming out sound better and they don’t have much interest now.

      I’m sure a new single could get that back but hurry up already!

      • I spoke to someone working in one of the bigger radio stations and they said they were told early august. I mean Avenged Sevenfold have a record coming out end of August and no single yet.

        The only thing is they might release 2 songs before the record like some bands are doing. Euphonic masters said they were mastering the “initial” radio singles so we’ll see. A snippet even would tide everybody over.

        • I doubt that. Well I believe you, I just know Korn has pretty much always released a single 2-3 months before the record drops. Or maybe they do what they’ve done before, give us a free song in the next few weeks and then release an official single early august.

          But like you said, at least a teaser to tie us over. This damn international tour is delaying everything IMO lol.

          NIN already has a single out and their CD drops Sept 3rd. I still say we get a single by July 16th.

          • LOL the European Tour has nothing to do with the progress of the single. I doubt it’ll be August…but anythings possible! It’s typical for Korn to release a single 2 or so months prior to the album release. Munky said maybe by the end of the month…it’s still got a few days left in June and even if it goes into July, thats still good!

          • I think it does. When you release a single, I would most likely think you would wanna be in the states during a bit of downtime to do radio interviews, possible tv appearances/performances to promote the song and new record.

            That’s why I can see them waiting till they get back and then release the single and do some promotion for a week or 2 before they start heading back on tour around the U.S.

            Are we expecting more dates between the gaps of the US cities? It’s weird how spread out they are lol.

  53. nathan davis said in the korn row facebook page that we should get it at 12. first i thought he was talking about the single but it seems he´s talking about the blind remix. i guess he means july 12. but it´s probable we´ll be getting the korn single around that time also.

  54. Dammit! The anticipation is killing me….I’m a big korn fan and I can’t wait to see them live at the aftershock festival in September
    Hope they release a single soon like tonight

  55. Could this be a new song? Well clip, from the VIP session? Or somewhere?


  56. Could this be a new song? Well clip, from the VIP session? Or somewhere?


    • maybe josie might know since she heard full tracks. but for now i doubt its new korn unless we hear some singing from jonathan. i hope that´s the style they´ll be playing on the new record. reminds me of blame. but there will be a lot of fakes out there. come on korn, leak a song already!

  57. Nope…that’s not Korn either.

  58. It´s already been a week since any new updates about the album or single. Come on korn management, what are you doing? Give us something! it´s getting kinda annoying already

    • I know this management/label has worked with some decent artists but they seem pretty crappy. I can’t find an updated site or anything. I haven’t heard any new info about anything they’ve done other than have Korn on their label. Just Korn’s luck to get someone sucky to promote the album. We’re just impatient though so hopefully they shut us up and do a great job.

      All I ask is for like a countdown haha. A countdown until we get a new single or new album news, official release date, tracklist etc…

  59. Will there be any scatting??? I miss it. Surprised there was none on K3.

  60. im really geti=ting tired of waiting for a new single to come out. When will it happen

    • i know man i mean fuck DX monkey said june it is now july

      • Single is supposed to come out tomorrow, a radio station in Michigan is going to premiere it! Let’s hope no one is BSing us.

        • We haven’t been able to find anything concrete on this so we are considering this a rumor at this time.

          • Why would a radio station in Michigan get the premiere? Sounds fishy to me, but i hope it’s true.

          • Cyber, the same thing happened with Oildale!

            Some station claimed they’d premiere it, all these Korn fans were waiting and they never played it. We were angry lol. BUT, a day or 2 later another station said they would premiere it and they DID! So let’s hope this Michigan station comes through like the other one did.

          • Patrick, I was the one who told everybody about Oildale being played haha. It was Harddrive radio and i remember the reaction, it wasn’t pretty :)

            Is there a link to where people have seen this info?

          • I was AT the show that Oildale premiered. I was the one that reported that initially.

          • I know Josie, i remember you talking about it. I’m talking about the radio premiere. Roxy Myzhal of harddrive told me they were playing it and i told Khris from Kornspace, they posted it as news and then they didn’t play it and kornspace with a little nuts as per usual.

        • It’s only a rumor. Don’t get your hopes up too high!

          • (313) 298 – 9743

            That’s the number to the radio station that claimed to premiere it. That’s the request line. I can’t get through, I don’t know if the morning DJ would know, but I thought it’d be best to ask so I don’t listen to it all day for nothing.


            There’s the site as well.

  61. Let´s hope for this rumor to be true. just like oildale. but didn´t korn already play oildale live before it was premiered on the radio?….. it would kinda suck hearing first a radio rip of the single than the full album version, because the song would be chopped and we wouldnt be experiencing hearing for the first time the complete song

    • Yes, it was played quite some time prior to it releasing officially. It was first played on 27 March 2010 in Alaska 😉

  62. Josie can you at least give us some song lyrics the anticipation is killing me and i don’t think i can last much longer DX

    too late I’m dead

    • Yea, Josie! One line, or like one chorus!! lol!

      Josie needs to be hired as a promoter! She’s done more than the damn record label!

    • LOL You’ll be fine! Just trust you’ll hear some soon! :)

  63. I bet that Josie can do a much better job in promoting the new korn album. the actual promoters are frustating the hell out of me. by now, they might already have the album title or the single’s release date. so why aren’t they saying anything?? i’m also guessing the premiere on that radio station was BS

  64. i wonder what they would do if we all spamd the labels facebook page asking for the new single

  65. ahhh…I thought you were referring to playing the single live before it was released. :)

  66. What in the name of holy sacrimony does Paradigm Shift mean? haha

  67. esperando el nuevo cd de KoRn aca en argentina muy ancioso y con muchas espectativas! muy emocionado tambien por la llegada de head. ya que korn es una banda que como siempre digo! salvo mi vida! es todo para mi. mi forma de ser y de pensar en parte se las debo a korn. los amo son todo para mi, los llebo con migo con mi tatuaje… jejej

    • Translation: waiting for the new cd KoRn very anxiously here in Argentina with many expectations! also excited by the arrival of head. because Korn is a band that I always say! saved my life! is everything to me. my way of being and thinking I owe partly to korn. I love you are everything to me, the llebo with me with my tattoo … jejej
      THE LOVE

      (Sorry, I couldn’t understand your Spanish)

      We are waiting, too! Hopefully its ANY day now!

    • aca desde paraguay esperando tambien el album de korn. pero primero podemos esperar el sencillo de korn que cualquier dia se va a filtrar por internet. solo se que este album sera increible y el sencillo sera un clasico. aguante korn carajo!

  68. Correct me if im wrong but that sounded like a track coming off TPOT.

    • Are you referring to Spike in My Veins? If so…it was originally a JDevil and Noisia track.

  69. It’s starting to kill me how anxious I’m getting for this new album.

  70. Is anyone losing interest in this album? Head’s been back for a few months now which was/is exciting….but its taking way to long for the to release this album and really for no reason. its done. the excitement for the album is losing steam. i really think they shouldn’t have done their last tour. just announce that Head was back before the next tour and bust out a new single live…..then the excitement would just be building up right now. ah well.

  71. Agreed. I’m just not going to buy my 5 copies the first week of this albums release anymore. I’ll buy 1 the 2nd week. As a big of a huge band I don’t expect to be kept in the dark for a month about such a highly anticipated album. It’s rude.

    All we have is someone stupid ass radio site that predicts an early August release. They also were the ones that predicted a wrong date for the release of Oildale. Our last update is from Munky by word of mouth about a June release? And then a leak in the middle of July possibly. GTFOutta here with that. It’s disappointing that we can’t get an official single name or date.

    It sucks because we don’t notice this with most bands, just our favorite ones. We notice how well or how bad the promotion goes. So far does this label deserve our money for the job they’ve done? No, Korn deserves better. RoadRunner would be hyping that living crap out of this album by now.

    • Yep. This label has a history of doing this with bands too. I thought it was an odd signing when it happened but hoping with it being Korn, that they would have some say when this gets released…basically doing it on their own terms. I’m shocked that they are allowing this label to call all of the shots. Its sad, my attitude towards this album now is just “well whatever, i’ll check it out whenever it comes out”. shouldn’t be that way with Head returning and JD saying “this is the best korn album ever” (which is a very bold statement considering the first 2 albums). oh well. i’m sure there will be another delay in there somewhere. it has that Untouchables feel to it…that album was delayed so many times that i didnt even care about it when it came out. to this day, i don’t like that album at all.

      • I took that statement with a grain of salt due to my expectations of K3 being not for filled, it was a good album, but not on par with the first two. However, I’ve moved on with wanting an album to sound exactly like the first two albums because it’s only going to disappoint if I don’t move on. My point being, I expect TPS to sound magical to my ears considering the reviews from fans and reviewers alike. With the way they are explaining the album, it seems like the band’s statement about being a must hear is completely true. That alone has my interests in the album and it /will/ come out soon.

        And personally, with how K3 was hyped up and that album not being as great as it should have been, IMO, KoRn taking their time with the album seems like a good move. They are trying to make you be patient on it by being quiet about their progress. Also, there are plenty of news sites that are covering TPS’s release if you search on google. I wouldn’t say there’s no promotion at all but just not as some may to expect. And all we really need is a single from the album in which we may hear something, hopefully, within the next few weeks. It’ll either be leaked out or Korn’s label will finally get it out and stop keeping the fans waiting.

        I should also point out that KoRn has yet to rehearse any of their new songs for touring this past tour and I know their next tour is coming up soon. There’s no telling when they are going to start rehearsing songs from the new album but we probably won’t hear it until end of August when they go back on tour. But my main point is that once we hear a single, I’m sure that the promotion for the album and hype will go through the roof, possibly better than KoRn’s Untouchables hype. We just need to wait a little longer it seems.

        • Lets not forget we’re still 2 months out from an album release. There’s no promotion yet because they don’t want people getting sick of a single before they can purchase the album. The record label is a business, they want to sell units and make as much as possible so im sure they’re not gonna let it bomb, but rather have a calculated plan for promotion. I agree with JD Knux completely though, the very best promotion tool they will have for this album is plays on the radio. If the product is good, people will hear it, word will spread and units will sell. I will give you this though, why the hell in the age of the internet would you release the album on different dates in different countries? A week in advance of the US in some countries? I don’t know, maybe they have to adhere to different practices when it comes to album releases in different countries, but it doesn’t make sense to me holding it back a week for the US when you know piracy is such a huge issue right now. Regardless, just be patient, it is coming!

          • I can partially answer for the different dates for different countries. Each country has their specific new release date…just as the US does (Tuesdays). Sometimes countries also require certain payments just to allow it to be sold in their country…for example, Germany has every Korn video blocked on YouTube in this country because the band/label/management doesn’t pay Germany to allow it to be viewed. GEMA! This exists to a certain extent in all countries. I hope this helps you understand that part.

  72. I figured that’s what it was. A lot of the release dates for different countries seem to fall on a Friday. Their Fridays are our Tuesdays. Still it would make more sense in my opinion to release it on Sept. 24th in the US because then you’re only 4 days after release in Germany but only 3 days before most everywhere else. A nice compromise. It makes more sense then releasing it 11 days after the Germany release. I see 11 days as a lot of lost revenue in pirated downloads. Then again, it’s almost guaranteed to be leaked before any of the official release because of some jackass so maybe none of it matters in the end. “I always get fucked in the end” -JD 2010 “Fear is a place to live” rofl

  73. I literally cannot wait for this new album! I loved TPOT and every album before (Especially Issues) and I’m sure I’ll love the new one. Can’t wait to hear what Brian has brought to the table, it will be interesting to see if he still has the old Korn ways or if he has something new to offer.

    Roll on September 30th!!!

  74. “The tour kicked off last night in PA” did the tour kick in PA or did it… Kick the P.A.? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!


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