Korn on HuffPost Live


Heavy metal band Korn joins HuffPost Live to discuss the release of their 11th studio album ‘The Paradigm Shift’ out October 8. Mike talks with the crew about their new music, upcoming tour, and what it’s like to have the band back together. Click here.


  1. Wow great interview

  2. Oh good you guys were able to find it taped. Was funny to watch the David question and answer 😉

  3. agree with you Tammie about the David question lol
    nice itw.

  4. haha, the david thing is funny. glad they’re not talking shit and letting things be, though i get the feeling they’re not to happy with him. When did fieldy cut his hair? I was noticing that before they said anything in the interview. I can’t believe it! So glad Munky said he’d love to collaborate with Eminem. I’ve been wanting to see that for a long time, but it will probably never happen. They’re both my #1 artists in each genre. Atleast I’ll get an album out of both of them this year :)

  5. glad fieldy actually said something.

    Loved this interview

    • Yea the interviewer actually got him to talk. Fieldy had a lot of interesting things to say. Nobody ever directs questions to him.

      • Believe it or not…Fieldy is quite a good talker…but he doesn’t talk unless he really has something to say. It’s hard to explain.

  6. I guess ray should of said the david situation is up in the air and what ever the future holds is in the hands of these guys the orginal 4

    but I don’t think JD wants david back so im pretty sure Ray will be with korn for a lonnnngggg time

    • I don’t think it’s just JD. That is a decision the band makes.

  7. What a great interviewer, in every question there was a feeling that i learn something new still. So positive ! really inspiring

  8. Haaaaaaaaha EMINEM i can totally see that. I’m not sure if i’m allowed to say this or not i hope i’m not going to cause trouble but, KoRn is like my personality; without them i wouldn’t learn who i am

  9. I’d do anything to see a collaboration with Eminem! ANYTHING!!!

  10. A collaboration with Deftones would be awesome too.

  11. i’m tired of silveria’s mentions.. sooo tired. nice interview except for that moment

  12. So that is what an interview is supposed to be like! Good job.

  13. everyobody needs to get over Silveria. Ray is the future sound of Korn. Period.

  14. SOUNDWAVE 2014 BABY! see you there boys! \m/

    • Will be fucking awesome. Hope they do sideshows will be definitely doubling up for sure!!

  15. This is how an interveiw should be!


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