The Korn 31 Day Challenge



Day 31 – Show us some of your work/art that Korn have inspired




Day 30 – What is KoRn to you?




Well, to me, Korn have been my “go to” music when I’m angry, upset, sad, or even when I just need music to get through a day. The music makes the day go by faster, or helps me think a process through, or helps me get through a tough process. They’ve always had music to match my mood no matter the mood. I can identify with the feel of many of the songs they have released. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and will be here to support them in the future.

Day 29 – Three reasons you have remained a fan for so long




  1. The emotions I feel when I listen to the music
  2. The amazing shows
  3. The wonderful people I have built bonds with through this band

Day 28 – A picture of Brian Head Welch

Photo by Josie Borisow

Photo by Josie Borisow

Day 27 – Your favorite “hidden or secret or bonus track”




Day 26 – A recent picture of the entire band

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.47.55 PM

Day 25 – The most recent album you heard or bought




Super Deluxe TPS

Day 24 – Your favorite single


Here to Stay – hands down



Day 23 – A photo of your favorite member (make sure to tag them!)

Day 22 – Your least favorite KoRn song & why


Don’t hate – it’s Sanctuary.  I think it is boring as hell.



Porno Creep…as for why…well, I don’t know why really, I just don’t care for the way it sounds. Never have, I always skip it, every single time. LOL

Day 21 – A picture of James Munky Shaffer

Fadewood Studios

Fadewood Studios

Day 20 – A picture of yourself with a member (or just a picture of yourself)





Day 19 – A KoRn remix

Day 18 – A picture of Reggie Fieldy Arvizu


Day 17 – Your favorite KoRn fan site (past or present)

Day 16 – A quote by Jonathan Davis, Munky, Head, Ray Luzier, or Fieldy

“We are all so caught up in watching crazy media on the internet and TV that we are manipulated into ignoring that our privacy has all but disappeared.” – Jonathan Davis on Spike In My Veins


Day 15 – The saddest KoRn song


All of K3


Alone I Break


Day 14 – A picture of Ray Luzier


Day 13 – Your favorite music video


Watch it in the background of Kornrow currently.  Yes.  I think it’s THAT good.



Day 12 – Your Favorite Album

Korn's Albums






Day 11 – A picture of Jonathan Davis

Photo by Lysa Luna

Photo by Lysa Luna

Day 10 – Your top five favorite KoRn songs


Mine rarely waiver:

  1. Here To Stay
  2. Make Me Bad
  3. Alive
  4. Love & Meth
  5. Narcissistic Cannibal


  • Here to Stay
  • Thoughtless
  • Get Up!
  • Counting On Me
  • Ball Tongue


Mine changes frequently but today, my top 5 favorites are:
1. Thoughtless
2. Fuels the Comedy
3. Lullaby for a Sadist
4. Innocent Bystander
5. 4U

Day 09 – The first song you heard played live (in person or on video)


It was “Right Now” on the FV Tour 2006.


“It’s On!” in Lewiston, Maine, 2006.


For me, it is on video since it was Dead Bodies Everywhere in Anchorage, AK on 26 March 2010. I know I used this video before, but it still applies to this day as well. :)

Korn – Anchorage, AK – 03/26/10 [HD] from Sébastien Paquet on Vimeo.

Day 08 – The first song you would play to someone who has never heard KoRn



As much as I love “Here To Stay” I believe that Korn evolves and you need to start with the current and work your way back.  I’m going to say “Prey For Me” because as Head put it in my interview with him last September, it encompasses all that Korn was and what it is now.  From there, I’m saying go with “Narcissistic Cannibal,” “Oildale,” “Evolution” and “Twisted Transistor” for the post-no Head era.  Then “Right Now” “Thoughtless” “Falling Away From Me” “ADIDAS” and “Blind.”  The crowds go mental when any of those songs are played live.

Day 07 – A brief or detailed letter to the band

Here’s the current fan mail address if you’d like to mail something to the band:

Korn / Prospect Park Management
1840 Century Park East, 18th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Day 06 – A picture of you sporting a KoRn shirt (or a KoRn shirt you like)




Josie "Roadie of the Day", Anchorage, 27 Mar 2010

Josie “Roadie of the Day”, Anchorage, 27 Mar 2010

Day 05 – A description of your first live show (or live video if you haven’t seen them live yet)


Oh wow.  I was late to the party with this one…….I called in a favor to a vendor at work and scored VIP box seats to the Family Values Tour in 2006, Mansfield, MA.  It was the one recorded for the FVT CD.  On the CD, during the Blind Intro, I can hear myself screaming on the CD.


Despite being a fan for years before, I didn’t get to see Korn until 2006 during their See You On the Other Side tour, which was their first show in Maine since the Pop Sux tour. Stupid school. Anyways, I remember getting to the very packed Androscogin Bank Colisee. My first show at the Colisee, as well. Everyone was on fire that night including the opening band 10 Years (I believe it was). Korn’s stage production brought a whole new level of eerie-Korn with all the background visuals and immense lighting rigs. The band blew the roof off the arena. Korn never disappoints and because of their eccentric sets, I think it’s a good guess as to why they do so well with the New England crowds. New England loves their Korn. I couldn’t help myself but go to more shows. I have to have close to 25 or more shows under my belt. But it’s not about the numbers; it’s about the great experiences.


Even being a fan for many years, the time and money was never right for me to be able to go see Korn live until 26 March 2010. Not only did I get to see Korn for the first time and meet them but because tickets sold so well, they scheduled a SECOND show so I got to see them TWICE! The day before the first show I got an email from Modlife telling me I had just won the “Korn’s Roadie for a Day” contest for the 2nd show on 27 March 2010. So all of those years of never being in the right place or not having enough money to go see Korn live were all made up in 2 days! All I ever wanted to do for all those years was to tell JD that I went to high school with him. Everyone was so nice! It was an amazing experience. One that I’ll never forget. The 2nd show featured the DEBUT of “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” which Korn played during rehearsal while I watched as the “Roadie of the Day”.

Korn – Anchorage, AK – 03/26/10 [HD] from Sébastien Paquet on Vimeo.

Korn – ‘Oildale (Leave Me Alone)’ – Anchorage, AK – 03/27/10 [HD] from Sébastien Paquet on Vimeo.

Day 04 – A picture of the entire band (old or current)

Fadewood Studios

Fadewood Studios

Day 03 – The first album you heard or bought
Niedermayer's Mind - Brown
Photo by John Lees, his 1st Korn album

Day 02 – A brief or detailed description of how you became a fan


My story is simple.  I saw the video for “Got The Life” in 1998 and thought the sound was the coolest thing ever.  I bought the album and then had to get earlier ones.  I then found out they did “ADIDAS” and said “Oh my God – they did THAT song?????” I thought that video was creepy.  And when I found out they did “Blind” I was like “why wasn’t I a fan when THIS came out?”  I never looked back  and stayed a mega-fan from 1998 on.
**Don’t let Timmy’s story below have you think the wrong thing.  He was a fan of Hansen in 1998!  FACT!!!!!!


I first heard Korn when they were featured on MTV’s old, celebrated show TRL (Total Request Live). Yes, I was a youngin’ and dubious, but aren’t we all? I heard “Got the Life” and thought, “Man! This sucks!”. You heard that right! Unlike most devotees, I didn’t enjoy Korn from the get-go. I was a kid and didn’t have a full understanding of what rock music even was. The thought of a rock-hip hop infused hybrid really turned me off to their music.
I got my feet wet with old classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, and more. With time, my taste in music developed.
I heard some tracks off of Issues, and this time, I didn’t dismiss Issues as ‘bad’, but it wasn’t what got me into a Korn-freak that I am today. Korn were just about to release their Untouchables album and I heard “Here to Stay” and thought to myself, “This is some heavy shit!”. I’ll always remember this; going to my local record store – Bull Moose Music – and buying Untouchables. My mother was buying flowers at a bouquet shop while I was slamming Untouchables in the car via a portable CD player. One of those oddball moments that I’ll always remember.
Long-story short, I’ve grown to love “Got the Life” and ALL of the older Korn tracks. I regret being naive about music, then, but that’s what growing up, and growing tastes, is all about. Everyone is ignorant in one way or another. Deciding on whether to let yourself grow is truly the contributing factor for learning and understanding. And I feel privileged that I can now enjoy a variety of genres and have differing ‘musical-taste’ than most people. And I have Korn to thank for that. Its truly remarkable.


My story is I found out about Korn through another band, Cradle of Thorns. I was stationed at Hill AFB, UT at the time and it was announced on X96.1 that “Cradle of Thorns” were going to do a show at a local club called “The Holy Cow”. I had to ask the other guy in the car if I heard that right because I am from Bakersfield and knew about Cradle of Thorns from high school. I then called the radio station to confirm that this it the band from Bakersfield, which they confirmed. I ran into Kris Kohls the day of the show downtown at a street fair and then went to the show that night. They told me all about this great band back home called Korn. This was spring of 1994. They are the ones that introduced me to “Blind” before self-titled even came out. Been a fan ever since.

Day 01 – The first song you ever heard by KoRn


  1. The first Korn song I ever heard was “Falling Away From Me.” I saw the music video on MTV back in 1999. It was awesome, and it’s my favorite Korn song.

  2. ‘clown’ video premier on headbangers ball in 96. I was no more than 9 years old. that’s all it took, and i never looked back.  

  3. I saw the video for ‘A.D.I.D.A.S.’ in early 1997. I liked it, and that was when I ventured down the rabbit hole of Korn.

  4. The first Korn song I heard was Blind. It was on a mix cd of metal songs that my older sisters ex boyfriend left at our house. I had no idea who it was for years, but I always loved that song.

  5. The first song I heard was “Dead Bodies Everywhere”, I was looking for a live video and tadam! that was

  6. is this day 1? or 2? LOL anyways – Day 1 –
    Blind! From the End of the street Fighter anime. I was probably like 6 or 7 , had no idea it was korn till YEARS down the road when I picked up self titled. Blew my fucking mind!

    • It was Day 1…and we move on to Day 2 today! :)

      • oh ok :
        Day 2 :
        I was sitting on teh bus minding my own business (7th grade) and this dude sits next to me and asked what I liked to listen to. I said uhhh…idk blood hound gang (just trying to remember something my buddies listend to cus I didnt listen to shit) and he burst out laughing. He says LISTEN TO THIS
        I was in love within the first 10 seconds. He only let me listen to the part leading up to what the fuck is with you – then said its korn! and went to the back of the bus. Went to the record store to get a copy, had to have my mom buy it but I just told her it was some movie.

        • Day 3 : cus im going to be gone tomorrow : I thought I had bought the right cd but untouchles came out taht tuesday and I bought that one instead. I got a mini poster with it though. Took me 2 months to get enough cash to buy the 1st cd and thats when I heard blind on it and went bat shit cus it was the band I heard when I was 7. Blew my mind. I think issues was the last cd I bought cus it was the last one made after issues. I wanted to go in order.

  7. How I became a koRn fan…. In late 1998 I kept seeing/ hearing “got the life” blowin up MtvTRL . I said “oh this is the band I ignored in 10th grade 1995. I was Rockin out to Rage Against/Machine-White Zombie-V-Halen-Westside Connection. A classmate said “dude listen to this bring it back tomorrow” handing me koRn’s debut. I took it home, Put on the Sony studio phones and listened to the 1st 10 sec of each song. Totally not giving it a chance.. 1998 I sampled KoRn’s Follow the Leader at Penny Lane. Funny how 1st track was track 13… it’s on blew my fuckin mind…How the hell am I supposed to hum that riff…I new a power cord or two at that time but that sound “””what the fuck””…justin track 22….I got both previous CD’s after work the next day…1998 koRnkid was born…POWERFUL ….yeah a bit detailed 

  8. 1 day: Twisted transistor

  9. Day 1 – GTL knowing who korn was, but in reality it was Blind.

  10. Day 2: it was 96…i was no more than 11 years old…i was always into music, coming from a musical family, i was introduced to all the right music at an early age, listening to my parents vinyls of zeppelin, the doors, the beatles, onto the more obscure of genesis (peter gabriel era) through supertramp, i learned what music was.  i loved classic rock, but wanted something of my own…i liked nirvana, and experienced the height of nevermind and kurts death. bush was pretty huge, and i dug them, it was all mainstream, it was what mtv played at the time, when they played music.  i liked staying up late, watching head bangers ball, hearing and seeing what wasnt mainstream, other than metallica, before the dreadful load/reload years, it was my own thing, something i had that was mine, and it was awesome. this works into day 1 of the challenge. i saw the video premier of ‘clown’…something about that video, the bright ass blues, greens and reds, the oddity of the setting and the visual orgasm that was that video, mixed with the intensity of the song really struck my interest…the breakdown, which still gives me chills up my neck to this day, of the crunching deep power chord, complemented by the screaming bend of the higher strings up the neck was something i never experienced…it was insane and was in everyway what i was looking for…it’s how they say you find love when you least expect it, and this band was love at first sound.  having a classic music driven family, i knew this wasn’t something my older siblings had any copies of…and there was no youtube, itunes, or napster…there wasnt really yahoo or google for that matter…the only dude i knew with the internet had prodigy, a terrible chat room tyoe setting that featured a black screen with green typing…it took 45 minutes to open a titty pic someone sent to you the night before…it was harsh. luckily, this skate rat, chatroom dwelling older brother of my childhood best friend knew exactly who i was talking about and cut me a copy of the self titled album via his double deck boom box.  that tape was played side to side until i saved enough money and got a random guy in the mall to buy me a copy on cd, being that they wouldn’t sell a ‘parental advisory’ album to a kid. my passion for korn started then and has been one hell of a ride since…

  11. Day 2. I was in the 8th grade. I was at one of my friends’ house and he was playing some metal. I heard the song A.D.I.D.A.S and was blown away. I had never heard anyone talk like that on a song before, so I asked him who it was. Korn. I looked them up and have been a huge fan ever since.

  12. I became a Korn fan around either in between the years 2004 or 2006. I was on the family computer watching flash animations like I commonly did around that age, and I looked into my living room. The song Somebody Someone happened to be on television. I just stared at the screen, enthralled by what I was seeing on the screen. It wasn’t until 2012 however, until I happened to watch the music video again, and I thought to myself near the end, wait, I watched this when I was 7 or 8! by that time, I had already seen them live three years prior to me watching the video, so I then decided to purchase all of their albums off of the internet, and became fully embraced in the Korn sound that I absolutely love to this day. And that is how I became a Korn fan.

  13. Day 2: How I became a Korn Fan? Well, this goes with my Day 1 comment. I watched the “Falling Away From Me” music video on MTV back in 1999. After I watched it I fell in love with the band, and I immediately became a Korn Fan. I thought there sound was unique, and groovy. The music video was amazing, and I thought Head was the coolest guy in the band. Korn is an awesome band, and I always will be a Fan.

  14. For me it was in 2011, I start to appreciate this music thanks to limp bizkit because I discover this awesone band in july, 2011, then I knew about their relations with Korn and then I said “I must listen to this band” and this was a fucking good idea, now I’m fan and forever!

  15. Day 02: I’ll have to go ‘detailed’ on this one, just to certify the power of music.
    I heard Korn the first time on June 2000, with the song ‘Somebody Someone’ on MTV Brazil (I’m brazilian). Like it the band, thought it was cool and that was it, didn’t follow then by that time, even liking the song.
    So, in July 2001 (In Brazil, during school time, July is a month of vacation) I was passing through a really hard time growing up, problems inside and outside my home, being bullied at school (I was 13) things like that.
    I was weak and stupid kidand don’t know how to solve my things, and “tried” to kill myself 2 times, but in bough times, didn’t have the “courage” to do so … the second and last time in my life I tried that, was the night I heard Korn with ‘Blind’!
    A really life changing moment I can’t logically explain, but was thankful it happened to me!
    It was on the show called ‘RIFF MTV’, a show that only covers hardcore/metal music. In the last part of the show the VJ will talk about ‘nu metal’ (have no idea what that was) covering the 3 bands that “invented” or “initiated” the so called scene … first was Coal Chamber with ‘Loco’, then Deftones with ‘7 Words’ (bough bands I watched for the first time, and like it a lot)  and finally the last video of the night, Korn with ‘Blind’.
    I remember I was sitting on the couch, then the song started I stood up imediately (don’t know how) and when JD said ‘Are you ready?!’ I lose it …… started to walk around in my bedroom non-stop …… that lit a fire in me, and suddenly I felt better, felt fine. The next day I woke up really fulfilled, and so …… thats how my passion started!
    P.S.: Sorry writing that much! 

  16. Day 1: Shoots and Ladders! A very profound song that I heard during a turning point in my life, the year my mother died. Already 20 years ago. Found the bagpipe intro unusual and haunting!
    Day 2: In 1998 my husband asked me to come to Korn with him. I didn’t want to go at first other than to keep him company, but that changed within the course of one night! Now guess who wants to go every time they come around? Yup!

  17. Day 2: Though my introduction was ‘A.D.I.D.A.S.’, hearing Follow the Leader for the first time really sealed the deal. I was learning how to play drums at the time, and I wanted to master ‘B.B.K.’. Korn have been my favourite band since.

  18. I was in middle school, I had been listen to rock little hear and there with Godsmack and Disturbed. Middle school was probably filled with my darkest times, and my most cannibal demons. And one day I was down loading music “legally” haha, and listen to Dead Bodies everywhere, and Lets get this Party Stared!!! It was  a new outlet for me to listen to Korn’s deep music and take out what anger and darkness I had by jamming out in my room to the music: singing playing air guitar after school and imagining I was on stage with them because i felt i was every bit like them in their times of darkness in school. Korn now and Forever in my life, I’m so grateful I found them. They made my life just a little brighter and  alot more worth living for. Thanks again for giving me my light back. Love #1 fan

  19. 2 day: After I heard the song “Twisted Transistor” I began to search everywhere who her executor. As a result, his birthday, I went with my mother to the store CDs and she told me pick one. I stumbled on a disc “KoRn” (not knowing that they perform Twisted Transistor). Then I listened to the CD and there okozalos this song, then I started listening to the band Korn.

  20. Day 3:  Life is Peachy which my husband didn’t realise till after he bought a used CD from another band, was inside that same case. Already had a copy and gave that one to me!

  21. Day 3: I believe that the first album I bought from them was the self-titled release.

  22. Ahh, confounded unicode, I thought the image would work. Oh well.

  23. The first album I heard is Take a look in the mirror

  24. Day 3: The first Korn album I ever bought was “Issues.” It was a Christmas gift from my Mom, and I loved it. I played the first 6 songs on the album for weeks. This album really helped me when I was going through dark times. “Issues” is a masterpiece, and it’s my favorite album.

  25. Day 3 – first album i got was a ripped tape of ‘self-titled’…actual copy wasn’t too long after

  26. Day 03: Untouchables, in 2002

  27. KoRn : Follow the leader… Back in the day there was actual CD stores. Anybody remember those places?? I sampled the CD at a listening station. Thinking ” shit, this damn player is broken”…it wasn’t . The first track is as we all know 13…..IT’S ON… I was over excited by the POWERFUL SOUND…. couldnt wait to RocK this in my car stereo system with 12” subs and show off to the world late 1998 that a KoRnkiD was born….15 years later 2014, they still kick so much ass, studio and ESPECIALLY LIVE. 

  28. Day 3: Follow the Leader.

  29. I first heard KoRn during a random YouTube song spree back in 2008. It was “Word Up!” and, not gonna lie, I found it pretty shitty during that time XD. Also didn’t know it was a cover.
    Then last year I was watching some old South Park episodes and I hear Fallling Away From Me. It instantly became one of my favorite songs ever.

  30. Untouchables was the first album that I bought

  31. 3 day: See You on the Other Side

  32. Hopefully this’ll “take” here in the system from where I just posted it on the FB fan page.  Day 4:  Four woodsmen and a drummer here who never fail to appeal to my animal side.  Suddenly turning into a forest nymph; I can sense it!  Whoa!  :*

  33. Day 4: I personally don’t have a picture of Korn, but this is one of my favorite pictures of them. This was taken during “Issues.”

  34. Korn, Revolver Magazine

  35. I dont know how to post picture…sssshit.

  36. This is a fairly recent photo.
    Korn, Fadewood Studios

    • Damn, it looks like it’s in HTML, but done wrong.
      Korn, Fadewood Studios
      Here’s the image, sorry to be a pain!

  37. Day 4 – for a picture of korn, i decided to show a painting i did of the band during the ‘see you on the other side’ era.  i met them in fords, nj at vintage vinyl and had the 4 of them sign it.  click the link to check it out on my website…cant figure out how to just post the pic from it…
    Korn Watercolor

  38. Day 04: I’d rather post a current photo, just to praise the current formation of the band, as a 5-piece, with Ray, cuz he’s the best and I luv the guy BUT I’m gonna be kinda nostalgic right now and post the first photo I remember seeing of the band in 2001, when I started to become a fan, and going on the web to search for EVERYTHING related to the band, and when I saw I remember thinking ‘Damn, they look the coolest thing on Earth’, so here’s the image (it includes David, who I respect and luv too) …

  39. Day 4: I’ve always loved this pic. Place and time, for me personally: Korn

  40. The first (and currently only) live show I saw from Korn was Download Festival 2009. It was a good experience being that it was the very first music festival that I attended.

  41. You can’t post one from your computer. You have to post a link to one you can find online. Or you can post the one you want to share online in a public location and post the link to it. :)

  42. 3 day: Korn

  43. 1998 at Continental Airlines Arena in NJ. Neither my husband nor I knew much about them at that point. Didn’t want to go at first other than to keep my husband company when he suggested going to check them out, but my feelings and opinions changed within the course of that one night and now I’m the bigger fan!  :)

  44. Day 5 – first korn show was 1999 at the ‘sick and twisted’ tour.  it was at continental airlines arena (which is now the izod center), and it was with my three other best friends.  we were literally the highest and farthest from the stage…we broke out a mosh pit and had about 10 other kids join in.  it was great…really dangerous looking back at it now though…

  45. Day 05: My first Korn show was on April 21 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil at Palestra Itália Stadium, the stadium of MY soccer team (double honor for me, then).
    It was part of Ozzy Osbourne’s tour through South América, kinda like a ‘mini-Ozzfest’, with only three bands, the opening band was Black Label Society (which I LUV), then Korn (at the time was JD, Munky and Fieldy cuz Ray was playing but wasn’t an official member then, back up band too with Zac, Shane Gibson and Kalen) supporting Ozzy Osbourne directely!
    It was a very AMAZING “festival”, got all pumped up by BLS’s gig, that was 45-minute long, then Korn came (I started to cry, hahaha) and played for a full hour, at that time the band was supporting the Untitled album, so the intro off the show was the intro from the Untitled album, then I got LUNATIC when they started the show playing ‘Right Now’, it was AMAZING!!!
    That was my first international show, I made a promise for myself when I was becoming a fan, that I want Korn to be my first international show, and I kept that ’til that BEAUTIFUL day! I was joined by my girlfriend at the time (now, ex), we had a blast, despite some Ozzy’s true fans that hates Korn booing and screaming Ozzy’s name in between the songs, …… the band took it, that atitude REALLY WELL. JD even thanked Ozzy and Sharon on stage for helping them out in the beggining …… really cool!
    Best moment of the show: BLIIINNNDDDD!!! 😀
    The set list off the show if I recall: Intro/Right Now/A.D.I.D.A.S./Hold On/Falling Away From Me/Coming Undone/We Will Rock You/Here To Stay/Faget/Freak On A Leash/Evolution/Blind/Somebody Someone/Got The Life
    Saw the band 2 more times: in 2010 and last year at Monsters of Rock.

  46. Day 5: My first live show was Korn at the Big Day Out 1999, in Melbourne. I was 12 at the time. Despite being in a huge crowd, I loved the fact that I was seeing the band in person. They just blew me away, simple as that. Saw some other bands too. Marilyn Manson would talk shit about Jonathan Davis almost non-stop, and Courtney Love kinda scared me. But I loved all their music.

  47. Day 01 – The first song you ever heard by KoRn

    Day 02 – A brief or detailed description of how you became a fan.

    My friend let me borrow a copy of Issues in high school, and I loved it. Then I went out and bought Untouchables, and regressed into the classics.
    Day 03 – The first album you heard or bought

    The first album I purchased was Untouchables.
    Day 04 – A picture of the entire band (old or current)

    Day 05 – A description of your first live show (or live video if you haven’t seen them live yet)
    Buzz Bake Sale 2008 West Palm Beach, lawn show Korn brought the energy for the last performance with ‘Ya’ll Want a Single’ although not the best view.

  48. Day 5…my first koRn concert was Feb 29 2000 Anaheim…. After watching Family Values 98 and live videos, I couldn’t wait. I new I was in for that POWERFUL KORN SOUND during sound check… the slap of Fieldy’s bass, the kick and toms from Davids drums and 7 string Ibanez guitar had me smiling ear to ear… Then the lights go out. 808 bass beats sound off the opening of “falling away from me” Just enough light comes up from the stage to illuminate the red curtain. Curtain drops when the main riff comes in. There rockin out with 6 or 8 little flames out from under the stage… It was epic.. so bad ass. I Just knew Id be seeing them every time they come close to L.A. and I have since.  Saw them three times in Vegas….yeeeeeAAAH…. all koRn haters are in denial… KORN FOR LIFE BABAAAY

  49. Day 5: The first Korn show I ever went to was Ozzfest 2003 in Indianapolis. I went with my Mom, Uncle, and Aunt. I know that sounds weird, but it was my Uncle’s idea to go to the concert. He paid for everything, and we had VIP Seats. It was FUCKING AWESOME! When Korn came out on stage I was amazed. I was really excited to see Head. I was headbanging like there was no tomorrow. Munky saw me headbanging and he smiled at me, I was in complete shock. When they played “Y’all Want A Single” I raised my middle finger in the air and said “FUCK THAT SHIT!” After the show my neck was killing me. My family couldn’t believe how crazy I got, but I told them it was Korn and you have to go crazy for them. We all went to a Denny’s and a drunk guy came out. He was from the concert and he spoke to us. My uncle told him it was my first concert and the drunk guy put his arm on my shoulder and said that I would go to more awesome shows in the future. My Uncle told me that I was “Knighted” and we all laughed our asses off. I will saw that I have been to a lot of awesome shows since that concert, but that concert was amazing.

  50. first song was dead bodies everywhere when I was about 5.
    my mum was a fan and she put it on one day and I fell in love.
    first album was follow the leader.

    my first video was great couldn’t believe my eves

  51. I don’t want to post a picture of myself, but I do own this shirt and I’m wearing it now.

  52. Day 06: Honestly, I don’t have any photos of me wearing a Korn shirt (don’t take too many pictures, don’t like it so much) and I can’t find a photo on web of my favorite Korn shirt, but I’ll just describe it ……… it’s a shirt of the cover off Untouchables, pretty simple and cool. Luv that cover and luv the colours in the black shirt! Just awesome!

  53. Day 6 – here’s a pic of my first korn shirt, got it when i was 12.  it hasnt fit for about 15 years, but i wont get rid of it. 

    • alright so it wont post the picture…its a tan-ish colored shirt with a silver stripe across the chest, has the logo from ‘life is peachy’ off to the side. 

  54. Day 6: I don’t have any pictures of me wearing a Korn shirt, but here is my favorite Korn shirt.

  55. posted day 6 on kornrow facebook…. Im listening to Mr. Rogers right now….How many of you just fuckin adore that song from life is peachy?????????????

  56. Day 6: I don’t have a pic, but does anyone remember the Korn patch that came with See You on the Other Side? I put that on a grey button-up shirt with a black strip across the chest. Looks good.

  57. Letter here for today’s go round of the challenge.  ‘Bout to pop it in the mail! 
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4

  58. Day 7: I never wrote a letter to Korn, but I would say something like this.
    Dear Korn, I know you hear this all the time, but I am a huge fan. I have been listening to you guys since 1999. The first album I every bought was “Issues.” That album was a masterpiece, and it really helped me when I was going through hard times. Your music still helps me today. I can relate to some of your songs. You guys taught me to never let life bring me down, and to “Fuck All That Bullshit!” I think you guys are the greatest band in the world. I love your unique heavy sound. I’m really glad that Head is back with you guys, don’t ever let him leave you guys again. Lastly, I wanted to tell you that no matter what direction you go with your albums I will always love them. Fuck all of those haters, they don’t know music. Keep up the great work, and keep on rockin!

  59. Day 7 – A Letter to Korn:
    Dear Jonathan, James, Brian, Reggie, and Ray, 
    I would like to take this time to thank you all for what you have done, what you do, and what you will do.  You have done for me what nothing else has for as long as you have.  When things are bad, when situations are at their worst, your music does something, it speaks to me, I can relate to it and it heals.  When things are great, you all are the soundtrack.  Your music gives me inspiration in my artwork.  It almost gives me the confidence to think outside the traditional box, take chances, and don’t give a shit what people will think of it, as long as I like it.  Your music gives me inspiration to pick up my guitar and just blow through some riffs, to sit behind my drum set and go off for as long as my arms and ears will allow, to go on a drive when I am just frustrated with things and scream my ass off to some of my favorite songs.  Your music is a connection that my fiance and myself have.  She, like me, has been a korn fan since we had to sneak it behind our parents backs.  Korn is our ‘thing’, going to shows together as much as we can, listening to albums front to back on road trips, or just kickin’ back at the house, having your music playing as white noise, it’s a part of us.  In all, I would say what you all have done, makes my life better.  I have had the amazing experience of meeting Jonathan a few times, James, Reggie, Ray, and David (I have not had the chance to meet Brian, but I really hope to).  I have gotten your autographs and shook your hands, but I don’t think I ever just took a moment to honestly say, ‘thank you’.  Not ask for an autograph, not ask for a picture, just give each and every one of you an honest hand shake and a heart felt ‘thank you’.  ‘Thank you’ can be taken in so many ways, for so many things, and that is how it is meant, for all your music has done for me over more than half of my life.  I greatly appreciate what you have done and gave to me over the years, so I say to each of you, Jonathan, James, Brian, Reggie, and Ray, Thank You.

  60. Day 7: Consider this a draft. It doesn’t come close to doing Korn justice:
    “Dear Korn,
    I would like to give you my sincerest thanks for everything you have done over the years, and for being exactly who you are. Whether my day be rain, hail or shine, your music speaks to me. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes it’s the instrumentation, sometimes it’s both. Whatever the case, your music has provided a backdrop to much my life thus far. I could be sitting at home, going for a walk, or just riding the bus, your music does it for me every time.
    I also admire the way you’ve connected with fans over the years. Your internet presence, the album-art competitions, discounting the odd ticket price here and there (among countless other things), you’ve really stepped up and catered for fans. You didn’t have to, but you did. I look at that, and think more about how to be a better person, and do what I can for others.
    Further, like so many others, your music has inspired me in many ways: Inspiration for the music I write in the comfort of my bedroom, as well as helping to keep me focused on my dream to become a teacher and work with kids. Your influence has only been positive and tangible and will continue to be in the future.
    I cannot emphasise enough how much I appreciate the music, inspiration, and every thought and feeling you’ve sparked. To Reginald Arvizu, Jonathan Davis, Ray Luzier, James Shaffer, David Silveria and Brian Welch, I say thank you. My best wishes to each and everyone one of you, your families, and all others you hold dear.

  61. Day 07: Truth? I’m a screenwriter, so I write A LOT …. and sometimes I got myself thinking I try TOO MUCH to express everything through words, so I believe I should try to show more than say nowadays, just for a change, ya know?! So I would simply look in their eyes, all of them (David included), smile and say ‘thank you’ …… just that!
    I believe that says enough to show passion and kindness for those you love!

  62. Day 8 – the first song I would play someone who has never heard korn would be ‘blind’. a bit typical, but that song captures korn and holds true through this day.

  63. Day 8–Most definitely Shoots and Ladders because of the cool fusion with the bagpipes filtering in in the beginning and also given that it was the first thing I heard of theirs myself!

  64. Day 8: The first song I would let someone listen to would be “Falling Away From Me” because that’s the song that got me into Korn. Plus, it’s a great Korn song. One of my old High School friends was a huge Rap fan, he loved Eminem, Lil Wayne, etc. One day I told him about Korn, he never heard of them before, so I let him listen to “Falling Away From Me.” The next day he told me that he loved it. The next day after he came up to me and said “Y’all Want A Single Say Fuck That!”

  65. Day 8: I would say ‘Blind’, but the first song I’d play for someone would be ‘Here to Stay’. It’s a solid introduction, everything Korn are about.

  66. If I were to introduce someone to Korn, the song I would play to them would be Blind, seeing as it is the song that spawned a brilliant Metal sub-genre.

  67. Day 9 – first song i heard live was ‘dead’ (the track played to open ‘sick and twisted’, the actual live played first song was ‘falling away from me’.

  68. Day 9:  First live song was “Blind” and first vid I saw/heard was for “Shoots and Ladders.”

  69. Day 9: The first Korn song I heard live was “Right Now” at Ozzfest 2003. Korn opened up the show with that song, and I went fucking crazy. Everyone was going nuts, and I was screaming my head off. It was an awesome concert.

  70. Day 9: ‘It’s On!’ in person at the Big Day Out 1999.
    I don’t have any footage of the Melbourne show I attended, but here’s the Sydney performance:

  71. Day 10 – in no particular order…’clown’ ‘good god’ ‘it’s on!’ ‘helmet in the bush’ and ‘love and meth’ 

  72. Day 10–Got the Life, Shoots and Ladders, Y’all Want a Single, Here to Stay, Seen it All!

  73. Day 10: Here are my Top 5 favorite Korn songs: 1. Falling Away From Me 2. Here To Stay 3. Right Now 4. Got The Life 5. A.D.I.D.A.S.

  74. 76
  75. Day 09: Intro (Untitled album) + Right Now

  76. Day 10: Top 5 –
    1. Blind
    2. Thoughtless
    3. It’s On!
    4. Ever Be
    5. Are You Ready To Live?
    Honorable mentions: Narcissistic Cannibal and Never Never
    All my choices are choices based on emotional facts, it’s not that I think these songs are better than others, musically speaking. These choices are directly connected to phases of my life and some turnovers I have delt.

  77. Day 10: Ever-changing, today my top five is…
    1. ‘Here to Stay’
    2. ‘Lullaby for a Sadist’
    3. ‘Alone I Break’
    4. ‘Hollow Life’
    5. ‘Spike in My Veins’.

  78. Day 11:  Here’s a pic of this handsome hunk, a real hottie!  :*

  79. Day 11: Here is a picture of JD:

  80. 82
    • Holy shit! Awesomeee! The style to me is a combination of Lucian Freud and Alberto Giacometti.

  81. Day 11:

  82. @davemojo: That painting is awesome!
    Day 11:

  83. Day 12–favourite album:  Path of Totality!  :)

  84. Day 12 – favorite album: ‘life is peachy’

  85. Day 12: What is my favorite Korn album? Well, as I’ve said before in my previous posts my favorite Korn album of all time is “Issues.” I love this album, it’s a masterpiece. It’s dark, heavy, groovy, and beautiful.

  86. Day 12: My favourite Korn album is Untouchables. Jonathan’s clean vocals on the album with the band’s polished rhythms, combined with the album’s high-end production, make for a beast of an album. Some of the tracks had a very different feel to them, e.g. ‘Alone I Break’ and ‘Hollow Life’, but somehow everything fit together to make a coherent whole.
    I have a lot of albums I’ve collected over the years, but Untouchables just reminds me of that time, along with Papa Roach’s Lovehatetragedy and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ By the Way. In 2002, I was 15, going onto 16, and had the best times just being with friends. I look back on it all and smile.

  87. Day 13: My all time favorite music video is “Falling Away From Me.” The video is awesome, and the song is great. It’s dark and trippy. Plus, I like that the message of the song is in the music video. Abuse is serious, and no one should be abused.

  88. Day 13 – favorite music video: ‘clown’

  89. Day 13–Favourite vid is Love & Meth!

  90. Day 13: My all-time favourite Korn video is ‘Here to Stay’.
    ‘Spike in My Veins’ is currently up there with it. Thank you for posting!

  91. 93
  92. Picture of the extraordinarily talented and photogenic Ray Ray!  :)

  93. Wow, I fucked up. Here is a picture of Ray:

    • I wish I can edit my comment. This was for Day 14.

    • Day 16: Here is a quote from Jonathan Davis, and I live by this quote everyday:
      “I don’t care what people think or say about me, I know who I am.”

  94. Day 15: I think the saddest Korn song is “Daddy.” That song is extremely emotional, deep, sad, and disturbing. Every time when I hear this song I get chills, and I tear up.

  95. Here also regarding the saddest song far as I’m concerned being “Daddy.”  Very profound topic.  I remember wondering for a while whether or not Jon’s crying spell were truly real or not, considering it sounded very much so.  Which it is!

  96. Day 15: Either ‘Daddy’ or ‘Pretty’.

  97. Day 15 – saddest korn song: ‘helmet in the bush’ . there are many heart felt songs korn has made. this song has a deep vibe, a pitty to it, and actual pain.  one of my personal favorites.

    Tearjerker…really sad

  99. Day 16 – a quote from jonathan davis : ‘ i know, at least everybody, has gotta have a korn story’

  100. A real quotable quote from JD, though there are many more.  This one is especially inspiring:  “I’m a lifer, full-on. I’m so happy I get to do what I love for a living and touch so many people positively. I’m blessed definitely.”

  101. Day 16 – my all-time favorite quote from Mr. Jonathan Davis in Kornchat:  “get over it beth”

  102. Day 16: “I don’t like painting flowers in my music, I like painting guts and pain. I am not afraid to explore myself and dig deep in my songs. I’m a human being and every human being has problems. I just chose to deal with the dark things in life in music.” – Jonathan Davis in an interview with MTV, May 2002.

  103. Day 17 – . that was the first fan site I found and followed

  104. Day 17–What fan page/site do I love most?  Yours of course!  :)


  106. Day 17: Well, my favorite Korn fansite now is of course KornRow, but back then my favorite fansite was Kornspace. I was a member of Kornspace for many years. When the site was shutting down (I still think they should of passed the torch) I signed up for KornRow. I will say that KornRow is a great site, and I’m glad that the news is current.

  107. Day 17: Probably this site, as it’s the Korn fansite I’ve participated in most actively. I did go to a couple of others, after Kornspace shut down, but they’re gone.

  108. Day 19:  Favourite Korn remix would be Twisted Transisitor!  😉

  109. Day 19: Here is my favorite Korn Remix:

  110. Day 19 – a korn remix

  111. Day 19: ‘Somebody Someone’ (Steve Tushar Remix).

  112. Picture of me with Jon!  My favourite one of all in my photo album/collection!  :) 😉

  113. Day 20: Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me with a member from the band, and I don’t like posting pictures of me on the Internet.

  114. Day 20 – i do not have a picture of myself with the band/a band member…so here’s a drawing of myself.  sorry.

  115. Day 20: No pic of me and anyone in Korn, sadly. And I don’t have a decent pic of myself to post online. Soz.

  116. Day 22 – my least favorite song is ‘freak on a leash’.  i don’t hate the song, i’ve just grown tired of it.  when it comes on the radio, or hear it live, its more or less the ‘uhhhh’ moment, or hit the bathroom now moment.  i still like the song though, don’t get me wrong, i would just have to say its my least favorite.

    • I think this very reason, is why Twisted Transistor was my least liked until Tell Me… came out. Radio/Over Playing.

  117. Day 22: I don’t have a least favorite Korn song, I like all of them, that is the truth.

  118. Day 22–Well in a way this is a funny reason for this song’s being my least favourite (if I really had to pick), but here goes:  Hold On, I would say.  I remember a guy I knew and worked with whom I considered a friend who turned out not to be so very good of one, saying he liked that song pretty well.  However, I don’t believe he knew a lot of what else they have in their catalog that is worlds better, I believe, than that one, not caring to delve into it.  And that’s all right because that was his choice, but he was rather narrow minded in certain parameters and it’s the association factor of it all combined with it indeed being a fine tune but not Korn’s best work.  However, I never skip over that tune when spinning Untitled.  I play it in full because a) I prefer to play albums all the way through complete beginning to end and b) I will NOT let a son of a bitch like that wreck it for me.  Now off the soapbox I shall step, thank you (bows)!

  119. Day 22: ‘Predictable’. I don’t know what it is about that song exactly, but it sends me to sleep.

  120. Wow, i love day22 already, i found it interesting that so many people like Y’all Want a Single, so i’m  interested to see which songs people are not into. 
    Metallica, Muse, Stone Sour, you name it; i dislike a lot of other bands songs here and there, Korn – i can name 3.

    Shocked that Sanctuary and Porno Creep are listed. 
    Life is Peachy IS my least listened to record, but that’s hardly by choice, you come to your stack of cd’s wonder what to listen to, and as much as Peachy is good, there is always better.  So you’d think songs like Lost and Rogers were bad songs, but i just keep forgetting them. 

    Anyway, not big on Y’all Want a Single, Twisted Transistor used to grind on me, then i got the stems and appreciation grew.

    Tell Me What You Want takes the cake, bad choice of lyrics, i enjoy the versus, the sound of the music, the drumming especially, And suddenly, that chorus comes into play… xD That’s the killer, the lyrics there are boring, unlike Jonathan, they feel like some sort of horrible filler, i’ve remixed the mp3 twice just to get rid of most of that fuck you go away crap, and IMO, the song is a lot better. 

    I wish i could like that song, because there isn’t any other song i hate, songs i avoid yes, i’d take Wake up Hate off Untouchables, but that’s another story. 

  121. For Day 23–picture of JDevil himself; my biggest hero!  Tagged too; done and done!  :)

  122. Day 23: I know this is cheating, but… NO PLAYING FAVOURITES! Hmph!,_2013.jpg

  123. Day 23: Here is a picture of my favorite band member, Head:

  124. Day 24 – my favorite single: ‘clown’

  125. Day 24–Shoots and Ladders is still my favourite single as well as the very first thing I ever heard my guys do!

  126. Day 24 – Fav’ Single
    Kiss is up there with my top songs, and i owe even knowing this band to Word Up. But i’ll gladly say i have a fondness for Haze, simply because it was a very good song, a very korn song, a very strong song, and never made it to an album, i would say the same for Camel Song, but as far as i know it was never a single. 

    Many of their singles are overplayed in my honest opinion, i’m seeing Korn on the 22nd, and if we get the usual setlist, as much as i hate to say it, i’m going to be disappointed. 
    I still have time for some, like Alone i Break and a few others, but the majority, especially Blind and Freak, i’ve grown very tired of. 

    I will say though, that i love Never Never, that track is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing, a friend loves that track, and i don’t think *SHE* has ever listened to Korn before. So that covers the whole “this is a track for the ladies” and as for the haters, well, i haven’t heard complaints for a while, and most of the people who are your average Korn fan, love that track over any other. so well done Korn, smart lads 😉

    • and most of the people (who are your average Korn fan) that i talk to*, love that track over any other.

      damn 6am brain xD

  127. Day 24: My favorite single is of course “Falling Away From Me.”

  128. Day 24: ‘Here to Stay’.

  129. Day 25 – the most recent album i bought/heard : ‘the paradigm shift’

  130. Day 25: The most recent album that I bought was “The Paradigm Shift.”

  131. Day 25–The most album I most recently bought/spun was The Paradigm Shift!  :)

  132. Day 25: Why, The Paradigm Shift of course. :)

  133. Day 26: Here is a recent picture of the band:

  134. Day 27–favourite hidden track– I would say it would be “Earache My Eye!”

  135. Day 27: My favorite bonus track is “Eaten Up Inside.” The first time I heard that song I was going crazy. That songs always pumps me up.

  136. Day 27 – favorite hidden track: ‘earache my eye’ huge fan of ‘up in smoke’, and heard this and cracked up…even better to see live when all the guys would switch up instruments (head and munk would just switch sides, but still awesome)

  137. Day 27: The flash website theme song from 2002.

  138. Day 28–Here’s a picture of a guy who is about to give me a bath, ooooooo!  :)

  139. Day 28 – a picture of brian ‘head’ welch

  140. Day 28: A pic of Head.

  141. Day 29: Three reasons why I have remand a Korn fan? 1 – Korn means a lot to me, they have helped me when I was going through dark times. 2 – There music is amazing, I have enjoyed every song and album. 3 – The band is fucking awesome! 

  142. Day 29–Fun to sing/shout along to, enjoy Jonathan’s soulful and expressive delivery, and from the moment I heard Shoots and Ladders with the bagpipe intro the same year both my mother and Kurt Cobain died, it left an indelible imprint on my soul!

  143. Day 29 – three reasons i’ve remained a fan: this is the toughest to answer i think. i would say because they never disappoint, they are always keeping things new and interesting, and it’s just something in me that is like, addicted.  i don’t do drugs, so i’d say korn is my drug. cheesy sounding, but true.

  144. Day 29: Reasons why I’ve remained a fan: 1. The lyrics just resonate with me, whether they do so rhythmically or in terms of content; 2. The instrumentation hits the spot. Each member makes his presence felt; 3. The live shows defy any sort of description. It’s like describing the taste of a raw pepper to someone who’s never had one. You can understand what it’s like in the abstract, but you really have to see Korn live to know what it’s truly like.

  145. Day 30 – what is korn to me…korn in an inspiration, a motivation, someone who always seems to know what i am going through; a shoulder to lean and cry on.  they are a release when i am pissed off and want to destroy the world around me.  they are more than just ‘my favorite band’, it’s indescribable, they are just simply just korn.

  146. Day 30: What is Korn to me? Korn is the best band in the world. There music is groovy and heavy. There lyrics are emotional, dark, and true. When I’m feeling down or I’m going through a dark time I will listen to Korn. They always make me feel better. I can relate to some of their songs. They have helped me over the years and there’re still helping me today. Korn will always be part of my life. That’s what Korn means to me.

  147. Day 30: What Korn is to me – damn good music that has been there for me for years.

  148. Day 30–What Korn is to me is, great music therapy provided by four woodsmen and a drummer who never fail to appeal to my animal side!  ROWRRRRRRRR!  The call of the wild!  :)

  149. Day 31: Unfortunately, I do not have any art. I’m not an artist.
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed doing this 31 day challenge. Thank you Josie for creating it. I hope more stuff like this happens in the future.

  150. Day 31–Here we are with a pastel picture of Jonathan I did during my stint as a cartooning/drawing student with Guy Gilchrist (Mudpie, Nancy, Muppets), 2005-2006:

  151. Day 31: I don’t have any Korn-inspired work. All I know is that they have played a part in shaping my attitude towards life. Some nice art from those who posted!


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