Jonathan Davis Attacks Government and Media for Eroding Civil Liberties

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For years, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has followed domestic and international politics, but when it came to his band, he preferred to focus on personal issues such as dysfunctional romances and parasitic relationships.

With the group’s new video “Spike in My Veins,” however, Korn is making strong comments about media manipulation, government surveillance, and the frivolity of the content that the public is fed by pop culture celebrities and reality shows.

“The entertainment industry will do anything to get people’s attention away from all the terrible things that are happening in the world,” Davis told Yahoo Music. “And that’s why people are so oblivious to what’s going on. They’re completely obsessed with following every detail of the lives of untalented people.”

The video for “Spike in my Veins” is filled with snippets from news broadcasts that give the song an old-school industrial flavor. These clips include: President Obama talking about National Security Advisory (NSA) spying; NSA whistleblower and political fugitive Edward Snowden, music videos by Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Kanye West; and shots of Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and others. There are also scenes depicting the political scandals of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

To Davis, all the sensationalism the media reports is a conscious effort by the government to pull a bait-and-switch with the general public in order to keep them unaware of the controversial acts committed behind their backs in the name of national security.

“When the whole Justin Bieber bulls**t was going on and there was the Miley Cyrus commotion and the Kanye West thing happening, Obama passed this crazy-ass f***ing bill that allows him to put anyone he wants in prison,” Davis said. “He can hold them there as long as he wants and he doesn’t have to charge them with anything. And then there’s military action going on in the world that’s not even reported on the news. Why are people letting this s**t happen? It’s because they’ve basically become placated into becoming sheep.”

According to Davis, there’s an equally insidious war going on right in people’s homes. By having control over the mass media, he says, the government can spy on its own citizens, not just from surveillance cameras in the street, but from within our technological gadgets and gizmos.

“You can’t tell me that they don’t have a back door to every iPhone that’s sold or every computer camera in the world,” Davis said. “There’s so much information and so much technology that makes spying even easier for them: laptops, tablets, iPhones, they’ve all got cameras. It’s scary and sad.”

Davis hopes the “Spike in my Veins” video will inspire fans to turn away from their TVs, open their eyes, and realize Big Brother is not only watching, he’s quite possibly manipulating their environment and blurring the line between fiction and reality.

“I just heard that there’s f***ing people going around and confiscating guns,” Davis said. “It’s crazy because all the f***ing gun violence — it’s obviously false flags. Someone’s giving these people guns and all of a sudden all these shootings start to happen. When there’s so much s**t like that going on around you, it’s time to take a good look and realize who’s taking advantage of you so you can really be informed.”


  1. Illegal drugs and guns are two things the Govt is involved in and then when something happens, it’s not “lets crack down on illegal firearms on a large scale”  it’s “let’s restrict gun owners more and more so they have no defense.”  

    No one wants to read between the lines, but regardless of where you stand politically, the rights of Americans are being taken away at an alarming rate.  Unless the revolution of Jesse Ventura or Ron Paul happens in 2016, it won’t matter who we vote in.


    • and illegal drugs fund all that secret shit they don’t want you to know about.  Think about how rampant heroin use is and the drug is at it’s purest.  Why?  Where does the drug come from?  Poppies.  Where are poppies grown?  Where is the US at war right now?  Why isn’t the flow being shut off?   


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