George Lynch Discusses KXM, A Band With Ray Luzier

After three decades there isn’t much George Lynch hasn’t done with a guitar, but that doesn’t stop the 58-year-old from continuing to create new and exciting music. This month Lynch stopped by Metalholic to talk about his project T&N, with fellow Dokken members Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown, along with Whitesnake drummer, Brian Tichy. We also spoke about his various other projects, old and new, including the forthcoming KXM, and The Infidels.

George Lynch

George Lynch

While T&N is largely seen as a Dokken affair, it was Tichy who suggested the guys get together and rework the classic material to go along with the new songs. Lynch admitted it didn’t take much arm twisting:

“All Jeff and I, and to a lesser extent, Mick, ever needed was a reason to do something. And really, Jeff and I got together and wrote songs just because we wanted to get together and write songs. We didn’t ever really have a vehicle. We didn’t have a record or a project, we just like writing together. We live close to each other and Brian came up with the idea when we were on the road with Lynch Mob. Brian was playing drums, and he’s an endless source of ideas, and he came up with the general concept. We just kind of fleshed it out, it evolved and became what it is.”

What it is will be at least a two record project, the first of which, “Slave to the Empire” was released this winter to rousing and positive response. The record features seven original tracks and re-recordings of five classic Dokken numbers. Adding mystique to the mix the band brought in Sebastian Bach, Robert Mason, Doug Pinnick and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens to add vocals to four of the classic tracks. Not that this was necessary as Jeff Pilson proved more than up to the vocal tasks on tracks old and new.

“You know, Jeff is so passionate,” declares Lynch. “He is so talented across the board. He is one of those guys that does it all. He plays guitar, keyboards, bass and sings, among other things. He’s an engineer, a producer. He’s constantly evolving, and constantly getting better at everything he does. he’s the whole package, and he was always that way. Without Jeff, there would have been no Dokken in the most meaningful way. He just tied it all together and made it all happen. When we sat down and wrote, in the 80s, him and I, just in a little room with a four-track cassette recorder and wrote those songs, he did everything except play guitar. And he’s still doing that.”

T&N hopes to find time to tour this year, and I asked George if the rumor that Stryper frontman Michael Sweet would be joining the band on tour is true.

“It is,” Lynch admitted. “We felt that he has the right amount of assets required to fill the shoes for that spot. And he’s a great guy which matters a lot these days. In the all bands we’ve all been involved with, the projects and various dealings, I think eventually you’ve gotta build things with hopefully a good foundation and good roots, and that all starts with character and respect and a good work ethic ad so forth. I’ve learned the hard way, if you don’t build on that you’re really building on a house of cards. As little as I know Michael I’m putting my money on him that he has those qualities.”

Aside from T&N, George had a huge year in 2012 when Lynch Mob nabbed numerous year end honors for its latest release, “Sound Mountain Sessions“. Still his creativity runs in hyper drive and he also discussed two new projects. The first is tentatively named KXM and features Korn drummer Ray Luzier and King’s X bassist and vocalist Doug Pinnick. In our interview, George discusses the band’s plans for 2013. Lynch is also working on a heavy funk project with War veterans Francisco “Pancho” Tomaselli (bass, vocals) and Sal Rodriguez (drums, percussion) called The Infidels.

Lynch discussed much more in the full interview below, including the tale of temporarily swapping jobs with Warren DeMartini of Ratt. Listen to the full interview below and pick up T&N’s “Slave To The Empire”.

Also check out the Shadowtrain movie project that Lynch is working on with Vinnie Nicastro:
Focusing on North America, the film reinforces the idea to act locally to infuse global action. The documentary lays out specific solutions and global ideas, illustrating a blueprint for a better way forward. It presents solutions to the planet’s currently dire situation by enacting proven methods of independent and sustainable living through community involvement, art and music. Ultimately it reveals how a new culture that utilizes the best of both native and non-native’s views of governing, managing economy and spiritual balance is possible……

Check out the video clip here then head over to the website for more information.

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