Contest: Design Artwork for Korn’s Love & Meth Single

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Source: Talenthouse
Source: Korn

You’ve already heard our new song “Love & Meth,” but now we want one of our own fans to come up with a design we can use as its single artwork. Take inspiration from the song. We’ll pick one winning design to become the single’s artwork, and the winner will get to meet us at one of our shows!

If point of impact of the early-1990s grunge explosion can be traced to Nirvana’s Nevermind, the full commercial arrival of rap-metal can be pinpointed to August 1998 — the month Korn’s aptly titled third album, Follow the Leader, debuted at Number One. The two-time Grammy Award winning band is now celebrating the recent launch of their latest album The Paradigm Shift which was recorded with producer Don Gilmore of Linkin Park.

In celebration of their album release, Korn are inviting aspiring designers to submit a artwork inspired by their new track Love & Meth for the chance of it becoming the official single cover artwork.

For one designer chosen by Korn:

  • Their design featured as the official artwork for Love & Meth
  • A custom Korn guitar (valued at $225) signed by the band
  • Limited edition lithograph of their design, signed by the band
  • Exposure for their design across Korn’s official social media channels
  • A deluxe version of The Paradigm Shift album
  • Two tickets to see Korn live in concert, with access to meet the band (travel and accommodation not included)
  • $500

People’s Choice
For one designer chosen by the public:

  • Exposure for their submission across Korn’s social media channels
  • An exclusive Korn merchandise package including a signed poster
  • Two tickets to a Korn live in convert (travel and accommodation not included)

Launched: October 28, 2013
Submit by: December 4, 2013
Share & Support: December 5, 2013 – December 11, 2013
Selection: December 19, 2013

Each stage closes at 10am PST (6pm GMT)

Next Steps
Click ‘Participate’ to review the guidelines and submit your work.

How Korn Will Choose

Korn will select from all qualified submissions with special consideration for the top voted entries. A qualified submission is one which meets all the Terms & Conditions, Guidelines and Official Rules.


  • Participants may only submit one file
  • Participants must submit their artwork in JPG or PNG and no larger than 5MB
  • Participants must retain their original artwork should they be selected as a winner or finalist
  • Designs must be original (meaning not using third party pre-existing copyright materials) but can be pre-existing or created especially for this opportunity
  • The winning submission may be modified to accommodate production requirements
  • Participants must join Talenthouse using an active email address in order to ensure they can be contacted by Talenthouse should they be selected as the winner or finalist
  • For all and any matters relating to copyright transfer, winners and finalists will be required to respond to a Declaration of Eligibility email which will be sent to them once they have been allocated in the winner selection
  • Winners and finalists must respond to Talenthouse within 7-14 days of receiving the winner notification email or else will forfeit all prizing



  1. Rav0k

    I remember spending a week designing a Path of Totality cover.. then the contest got cancelled. >.>

    • Josie

      That one I think was a Clear Channel fuck up.

      • Rav0k

        Oh yeah, no doubt. I should specify that the former “Cover Art” contest was NOT an official Korn contest, as far as I know. They didn’t post about it on their website or anything, I don’t believe. 

        • Josie

          They didn’t. I think it was intended to be official and Clear Channel fucked up.

  2. Tammie Burden

    This is cool! Like they had fans do back in the day! Wish I was talented.

  3. Scrogglez

    Official Submission
    Art Work/ Design – Me"

  4. You can check out mine:D

    • Scrogglez

      I like it – looks like a tunnel or an anal cavity. whatever floats your boat.

  5. ghostdancer1983

    hey tammie you dont have to be talented I can draw but I chose to submit the one that meant the most to me and the one my kids loved, its very basic but with the lyrics it hits home. jandzi I like your’s how do you look at others so I can vote for my favorite I have been trying to figure it out and you can see my post here

    • I have no idea where you can look all the posted stuff. That website is weird as hell.

      • ghostdancer1983

        ya I dont have a clue everyone can see mine it says 59 views for pple that entered and 96 views all together but I cant find any other postings I cant even find yours to support yours to vote for it if I wanted to when the time comes, so I dont know. 

    • Scrogglez

      we’re all a little be crazy inside.

  6. That’s my page. It was fun to do :)
    View this piece here

  7. Here is a wiew of the ready artwork:

  8. I hope I did this right…..

    • Loving this one, kind of fits with the album artwork, but definitely stands out

  9. Mellow Yellow

    bare with me I don’t even know how this whole thing work lol

  10. Mellow Yellow

    oh here’s the correct link to my artwork….sorry, guys.

  11. CMG

    Just a quick note to anyone who is at least serious in wanting to win. This will be an official release and as stated in the fine print of the contest, ALL content must be original. Any images pulled from a Google search (even if altered and mixed with other images) is completely illegal. And although you may not realize it, so is whatever font you use if you include it. Type Fonts require a license unless its stated that it doesn’t.

    • Yes, everybody can read. This criterias are written in the contest invite.
      Let us assume, that everyone has the rights to use those pictures or fonts…
      …or can afford to spend a couple of thousands on them ;)
      The right-costs usually are not the same at personal uses or at commecial mass production…
      The existing photos, pictures, even fonts are someone elses artworks, and have legal rights on them, even it’s not written on them, so be respectful and play clean!
      (The google serch isn’t a free stockmarket, I can find Your artwork there too! Just think about it, if someone would win with YOUR artwork… You were pretty upset right?!)

      • CMG

        I’m not sure I understand your response. It started off by sounding like you were being sarcastic, as if I thought people couldnt read. Then it sounds like you go into an explanation thats backing up what I said.
        Judging by your screen name I’m guessing you also work in the Design world. I was just simply making a comment because people who arent, dont really understand the legal side behind “stock” images and stolen Google search images.

  12. [img][/img]

  13. Love from an angel or meth from a devil. What will you choose?

  14. Went the “take it how you want it” route, tying in with the original album artwork… 

  15. here’s mine. I had a lot of fun working on it, hope you guys like it
    I wish the preview on  talenthouse was bigger..
    good luck to everyone participating!

    • Morbid

      Couldn’t preview bfore upload and obviously added the incorrect code to add the image. FAIL :/

  16. Morbid



    My submission. i’ve seen some really good ones on instagram thanks

  18. Ok…. after looking at some of the entrys im not too sure about mine now… :/ 

  19. Here is my submission for the “Love and Meth” contest by artist Chad Young.

  20. Some great pieces ,good work guys !
    And here is my mess …

  21. Hi there…new to the site but have been around for awhile. Here is my submission.
    I hope you guys are still voting and sharing. Please vote for mine if you like. All the best to all who entered. Thanks

  22. 53

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