Congratulations to Korn…#1 on Mainstream Rock Chart for the 1st Time

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Just last week Korn’s Never Never hit #1 on the Active Rock Charts for the first time ever in their career….this week Korn’s Never Never hits #1 on the Mainstream Rock Charts for the first time ever in the 20 years they’ve been around!

Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs
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Billboard Active Rock Songs
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Source: Billboard

— Korn: The veteran band collects its first No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock airplay chart, as “Never Never” rises 3-1. Of the band’s previous 25 visits to the tally dating to its first in 1998, it had risen as high as No. 3 with 2006’s “Twisted Transistor.”



KORN are conquering radio as they capture the #1 spot on the Active Rock airplay chart with their single “Never Never” from their eleventh studio album THE PARADIGM SHIFT (Prospect Park). At the same time, “Never Never” has vaulted to the #2 position on the Mainstream Rock airplay chart. Having already sold over 30 million albums, the Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum hard rock innovators are garnering some of their biggest radio success of their career as they continue to artistically evolve in new and fresh ways. It should also be noted this is their first independent release outside of a major label.This latest news comes just as electrifying band’s co-headline arena tour with Rob Zombie–the aptly titled “THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DREADS TOUR!”–launched last night (November 3) in Reno, NV (press release here:

As previously reported, KORN–Jonathan Davis [Vocals], James “Munky” Shaffer [Guitar], Brian “Head” Welch [Guitar], Reggie “Fieldy” Arvizu [Bass] and Ray Luzier [Drums]–have also scored their 12th Top 10 Album with THE PARADIGM SHIFT (released October 8) which entered the Billboard albums chart at #8. According to, “…this debut ties KORN with Dave Matthews Band for the most top 10 albums by a band in the SoundScan era (May 1991-present). Among all acts in that time span, George Strait has logged the most, with 18.”

KORN are forever moving forward artistically. The “Never Never” single merges shuddering synths, entrancing ethereal guitars, and a funky beat for one of the group’s most irresistible anthems. Once again, they tread the line between electronic music and hard rock flawlessly. The band performed the song October 7 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (

For the “Never Never” video, the band teamed with director Giovanni Bucci who sets KORN performing against a surrealistic clock. It plays into the theme of love gone bad through the unexpected perspective of time as front man Jonathan Davis sings “I’m never going to love again.” View the video now at:
The band also premiered their second video “Love & Meth” from the new album on (10/16). Watch the haunting video directed by Giovanni Bucci here:
For a full list of tour dates and ticket links, visit:

Korn’s Never Never Billboard Chart History

Chart name Artist Title Peak date Peak Position Weeks on Chart Label
Hot Rock Songs Korn Never Never 2013-10-26 #30 11 Prospect Park
Rock Airplay Korn Never Never 2013-11-16 #13 12 Prospect Park
Alternative Korn Never Never 2013-11-16 #39 1 Prospect Park
Hard Rock Digital Songs Korn Never Never 2013-08-31 #4 10 Prospect Park
Mainstream Rock Korn Never Never 2013-11-16 #1 13 Prospect Park
Canada Rock Korn Never Never 2013-11-16 #32 7 Prospect Park
Active Rock Korn Never Never 2013-11-16 #1 13 Prospect Park
Heritage Rock Korn Never Never 2013-10-19 #3 12 Prospect Park


  1. Awesome!

  2. how? Good on korn though. Shits cray cray

    • What do you mean “how”? It’s a good song regardless of all the hate some people have thrown at it.

      • I think he meant how did it get there with that much hate. Because you know, even though it is a good song, many people don’t like it, and we both have seen hate comments on this particular TPS songs. Not my favorite song too, but leave that aside,

        • So much hate?  From who exactly?  Rabid old school Korn fans with a chip on their shoulder?  Tween boys stuck in their “everything has to be faster, harder, darker than the other” phase? 
          There’s a whole planet of music lovers out there.  Lets not give the extremely vocal, but relativley small amount of big mouths on the net more credit and power than they deserve.

  3. Congratulations Korn! I knew you would have a #1 song someday. But, I think all of there songs are #1.

  4. Awww the boys have done it! This song pulls me in and makes me want to sway and yell!!! The people hating on it are probably liking it secretly 😉 They don’t go #1 unless people are requesting radio stations to play it. The local station here has guys requesting it all the time lol!!!!!

  5. itsfortheladeez

  6. Because you want to be labeled Mainstream Rock..

  7. Its an ok track not very korn.  atleast it has a decent vdeo and was mixed properly unlike some other tracks on paradigm shift

    • Eh? I thought the mix sounded fine (for once). What songs are you referring too? 

  8. e.g mass hysteria  the verse  1 of the guitar is way too low in volume.  certain songs e.g  paranoid and aroused need frequency on guitar to cut through more….. there are many many things that could improve the album just by re arranging and re mixing certain things.

  9. And the snare drum on alot of tracks is clunky  thats the only word I can think to describe it maybe over compressed or just the type of snare. I had to lower some higher frequencies so my ears could take it.  Sorry I just know they can do alot better……

  10. I am personally very happy about korn having such a successful single this far into their career. Its such a phenomenal song. Sounds strait from the 80s. Its hits very deep. Its so heavy and catchy. I love pop song like that…
    As for the Paradigm Shift, I am also extremely pleased. Korn has delivered yet another album incredibly effective at getting me through the hard times. Johnathan Davis and co continue to get under my skin and rattle my my bones and I always feel better.
    This album has such high replay value and continues to grow on me every day. Thank you God for giving head back to Korn!

  11. LOL! This poor excuse for a single being #1 on a “Mainstream” chart only confirms what a piece of garbage it is. Its funny people thank god for head being back and at the same time worship a song that head obviously had little to nothing to do with. The guitars in NN are by far some of the worst and boring shit Korn has ever done. Want Korn to sound guitarless and like a fucking pop band? Then why the hell do you like that head is back in the band?

    • I liked the part where you subjected Head to being only a guitar player, rather than a “musician”.. a term that encompasses a wide variety of musical capabilities. 

  12. Oh yeah, what part was that? cause i dint say that lol

    • I don’t really see how you can say Head had nothing to do with it, simply because there’s no guitar part that SOUNDS like something he would do. That’s subjecting him to only being a guitarist, rather than someone that is contributing on the construction of a song that has the WHOLE bands name on it overall. 

      • Oh cmon dude! I said little to nothing! Tell me that song doesnt stink of JDs edm/dubstep garbage!

        • We can never be sure how much he was involved with writing it but the vibe of NN tells me it was a song JD brought in after the others had sat down and recorded the other songs. NN and spike doesnt fit the vibe of the album.

        • Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it garbage. OBVIOUSLY people like the song…otherwise it wouldn’t have hit #1 and is MAINTAINING at #1. Don’t like it…don’t fucking listen to it. Put your Self-titled Korn album on your iPod and go color or something. 😀

          • Well,  just because some people like it doesn’t make it a good song. Why is it you assume this guy is stuck in the past just because he doesn’t like Never Never? It’s okay for people to not like this song and express that. Just as it’s okay for people to express the opposite opinion. If you really don’t care what other people think (peoples whose opinions differ from yours) like you’ve stated in the past, then why even respond? Is it somehow ruining your day when people say Never Never sucks? How hard is it to just ignore it?
            I’m not a fan of the song myself but I still think this album is the best work  korn has put out in a long time. 

          • Hmm…and yet you couldn’t live by your own advice.

          • why would I need to? Never said I didn’t care about others opinions, you have though, so I was curious why you even bother responding If that’s true.

          • If I didn’t care…this site would not exist. Let that sink in a minute.

          • Josie, I’m referring to the multiple times you’ve responded to other users who have expressed their dislike for Never Never by telling them you didn’t care about their opinions and to keep it to themselves If they don’t like the song.

          • Ahh but what you are forgetting is this website is owned by 3 people…and we reserve the right to do what we wish with our website…which includes telling people to keep their negative opinions to themselves. Again…this site wouldn’t exist if I didn’t care. All the negative bullshit I see posted just pisses me off. And those that don’t like it are welcomed to not come here. That’s how it is.

          • No, I didn’t forget that. It just seems childish to me to have a “you can leave if you don’t like it” attitude and telling people they’re not allowed to express their opinions about a song just because they have a different opinion than yours. Kind of sounds like a little kid who wanted to play a game with everyone but when they didn’t play by his rules he took his ball and ran home with it. Maybe you need thicker skin if peoples negative opinions about a song is pissing you off that much. Anyways, as much as I would like to continue this conversation, there probably is no point in doing so. Thanks for all the updates on korn, really appreciate it. 

          • Ahh the old “thicker skin” routine…funny you say that. By your attacks on me…it seems you need to get a thicker skin as well. Take a look at yourself first.

          • Honest, constructive criticism never hurt anyone. And the moment I see that kind of stuff being silenced here I admit I’ll be alarmed. But calling a song “garbage” or “boring shit” isn’t offering constructive criticism, it’s acting like a shithead. So on this instance I can totally understand Josie’s frustration. 

          • THIS!!  Constructive Criticism!!!  There is a HUGE difference between constructive criticism and just being an asshat.  

  13.  The guitars in NN are by far some of the worst and boring shit Korn has ever done. Want Korn to sound guitarless and like a fucking pop band? Then why the hell do you like that head is back in the band?”

    You questioned why people are thankful that Head is back in the band while also questioning if people want “guitarless” music. Personally, I enjoy the vibes of the single. It’s not my favorite, and it’s not the reason that I am thankful Head is back, but I can feel better vibes from this music than I have heard from them in a long time. I am thankful Head is back because of the rest of the album that has some killer guitar riffs, in my opinion. 

  14. So as I said I didnt say that head was just a guitar player. I love TPS except for 1 or 2 tracks. But NN is a piece of garbage an its not hard to tell that head wasnt a big part of writing that song as is the case with spike. The main ingredient of what makes korns music has always been guitars. Thats why this record is better as a whole than anything since TALITM. The best musician, songwriter and guitarplayer is back in the band and I love it!

  15. I have to give Korn some credit, the song is doing well.  It’s not one of my favorites but it’s a decent track. It’s something different, you can see how fans bitch about it so much but it’s not such a big deal. TPS is an amazing album. 

  16. I’m curious how many people bought the song off of iTunes and the like. Because while the album isn’t exactly selling gangbusters, I’m willing to bet the single has sold very well.


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